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New Business of the Year: Bulk FR8

| Feb 17, 2016

Bulk FR8
is a business on the move in every way. As a domestic leader in liquid bulk logistics and freight management, Bulk FR8 provides safe and innovative freight brokerage solutions for chemical companies across the United States and Canada. Wayne Levinson’s vision to fill an industry need and create a dynamic and diverse team is what has created the incredibly rapid success of his company. In just a few short years, Bulk FR8 is now a $20 million enterprise. The have built their company around their values of communication excellence, integrity, breakthrough market knowledge, and steadfast dependability.

A yoga master, snowboarder, and ardent traveler, Wayne has relied on strong professional and mentoring networks to help him with the best advice before making key decisions. He took this to heart and has devoted himself to doing the same for others. Wayne mentors a group of young entrepreneurs ranging in age from 13-25. Stressing the importance of education, Bulk FR8 offers their team of smart, motivated and passionate people the opportunity to continue their industry knowledge by encouraging and covering the costs for them to seek degrees and industry certifications. Wayne himself is currently in his master’s program in civil engineering at the University of Washington. When Bulk FR8 first joined GSBA, they were asked why a trucking company wanted to join our chamber. The answer they gave was simple – “We wanted folks to know that there are gay truckers out there.”