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Discrimination Is Not a Washington Value

| Apr 29, 2016

Discrimination is not a Washington value.

For more than 10 years our laws have prohibited discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. But now, signature gatherers are gathering voter signatures on I-1515, a ballot initiative to repeal Washington's legal protections for our transgender neighbors, family and friends.

Under no circumstances can we let a discriminatory, anti-LGBT initiative like I-1515 undermine the values that make Washington such a great place to live, work, and raise a family. 

That's why, today, GSBA is proud to help launch Washington Won't Discriminate-the broad-based coalition of law enforcement officers, clergy, sexual assault prevention groups, businesses and many others in opposing I-1515 and protecting freedom, equality, and respect for everyone. 
If you agree that discrimination has no place in Washington, add your name now to stand with the the No On I-1515 campaign.

Opponents of LGBT rights are spinning the same tired lies that have been peddled elsewhere-from North Carolina to Mississippi-that non-discrimination laws threaten privacy and safety, but the truth is I-1515 will do nothing to make us safer. We've protected gay and transgender people from discrimination in Washington for 10 years, with no increase in public safety incidents as a result. 

Unfortunately, I-1515 could make things worse for everyone by encouraging strangers to confront and challenge each other in public facilities, increasing safety and privacy violations.

WWD LogoWhile their claims may be baseless, if opponents of transgender rights can wrangle 246,372 valid petition signatures by July 8th, then the discriminatory I-1515 will be sent to the November ballot for a public vote.

That's why we've got to mobilize a groundswell of grassroots supporters-and fast-to keep discrimination off of Washington's ballot. And that's why we need you to stand up and join this campaign today.

INDIVIDUALS: Click here to add your name to Washington Won't Discriminate's campaign to stop I-1515 before opponents can put it on the ballot this November!

BUSINESSES: Click here to show that Washington businesses will not discriminate!

In 2016, LGBT rights should be non-negotiable. Thanks for standing with Washington Won't Discriminate.

Let's keep Washington a great place for everyone.

For more information on how your business can take action, contact Matt Landers, GSBA Public Policy & Communications Manager.