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The GSBA Guarantee

| Oct 03, 2016

As we head toward fall, students will be starting or returning to school and another academic year will begin. GSBA has just celebrated awarding 25 years of scholarships to our future leaders and this year we awarded the largest amount of scholarships in a single year, $410,000.00. This most recent class of 55 scholarship recipients has just begin this school year knowing they have the support of our members, our community, and our business leaders who have given so generously to make such significant and positive changes for each of these scholars.

GSBA has made a deeper and more impactful level of commitment to our scholars by ensuring that we provide scholarships throughout our students’ four years of undergraduate school. Our goal is to support them from the start of school until graduation. We want to expand economic opportunities for our graduating scholars as they become our future members and business leaders. It is no longer about just getting students into college; it’s about getting them through college.

GSBA is committed to supporting students beyond the dollar. Financial barriers are one of the major reasons students do not graduate from college. By significantly decreasing and in most cases eliminating this barrier, GSBA has opened doors for students to focus on one of the biggest factors related to a student’s ability to persist through to graduation, feeling connected to a community. Not only to their campus community, but to a community of people like them who believe in their abilities and know they have the power to be successful change agents within their community.

To support their continued growth and development over the next few months we will be exploring the development of both a leadership program for our current scholars and an alumni program for past scholars. The models for these two efforts are still being developed, but will be implemented in the near future to guarantee the success of our scholars.