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Business Leader of the Year: Ann Paris

| Feb 13, 2017

Ann Paris Photo
The GSBA Business & Humanitarian Awards honor businesses and business leaders who are successful, exemplify the highest standards of their profession, promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, demonstrate leadership and invest time and resources into their community.

The 2016 Business Leader of the Year is Ann Paris, Paris Insurance Services.

Ann Paris professional life started on the stages of Germany as an opera singer. She spent the next 27 years educating, counseling, advocating for and ultimately securing insurance coverage for her clients with disabilities, HIV/AIDS and who are transgender. This was music to their ears, as finally having insurance transformed their lives. The cornerstone of Ann’s business is a firm commitment to the well-being of her clients and their employees. She is an ardent advocate for her clients and takes on pro-bono cases when a client’s resources are limited. Ann’s compassion and persistence doesn’t stop with her commission; she never abandons a client, especially ones with serious chronic illnesses. In the late 1980s, Ann started pressuring insurance companies to provide life insurance policies for same sex beneficiaries. She has been an ardent advocate for the fair treatment of trans people by their insurance companies and their right to access health care. In her business, she advises trans clients as they transition, something she has personally experienced when her husband transitioned after they became a couple. Through Spirit of the Sound, Ann and her husband Randy spent many years and logged many miles traveling the state educating the progressive Christian community on the spiritual needs of LGBT individuals. They formed a panel of four – a gay man, a lesbian, a bisexual woman, and a transman, and shared stories and answered any and all questions.  Ann has been active in GSBA for two decades including serving on the Scholarship Steering Committee.

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