LGBT Civil Rights

Sep 30, 2015, 19:08 PM

GSBA has been a leader in the fight for recognition of our families for over three decades

Health care issues continue to remain at the forefront of the LGBT community’s concerns, most particularly with respect to the trans community and those living with HIV. GSBA has supported the Mental Health Care Parity Act, the Reproductive Parity Act, paid surrogacy and other healthcare issues at all levels. GSBA is part of the Coalition for Inclusive Healthcare to end discrimination in health care coverage so that everyone has access to the care they need. National and medical health experts agree that it is necessary to end insurance discrimination based on gender identity. Medically necessary services are still being denied to transgender individuals in Washington, despite the fact that it is illegal to discriminate based on gender identity.

GSBA has been a leader in the fight for recognition of our families for over three decades. From joining Hands Off Washington to supporting registered domestic partnership (RDP) legislation to marriage equality, GSBA has been front and center in making the case that equality is good business. For the last several years we have organized professional roundtables for our members and our elected officials to discuss legal and financial issues pertinent to LGBT families. GSBA was the first chamber asked to sign on to the amicus briefs from the business community in the Windsor and Perry cases at the US Supreme Court, and we were asked to bring on other chambers and our own member businesses. Roberta Kaplan, lawyer for Edie Windsor, said that the brief from the business community was one of the most important for the case. We are currently working with Senator Patty Murray on the Social Security and Marriage Equality Act to ensure that all same-sex spouses receive equal treatment when applying for Social Security benefits, regardless of where they live.

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