Make a difference in 2017

Jan 31, 2017, 15:19 PM
Looking to make a difference in 2017? There are many resources out there for you to consult. GSBA is your connector to all issues related to the LGBT and small business communities. We are here for you!Here is a list of some of the most effective actions you can take:

REGISTER to vote.

Click here to register online if you are a Washington State resident. Be sure to update your address as soon as you change addresses.

VOTE in every election

Ask around your networks if you aren't familiar with a candidate, ballot measure, or position on your ballot. Many organizations put out voters guides focusing on their particular focus areas.


Know who your elected official are. Sign up for their newsletters to know what they are working on, and show up when they have events in your district. Rep. Steve Israel explains firsthand how this is one of most powerful way to get your views to your representatives.


Face time is important, but public forums don't happen every day. However, you can call your legislator's offices every day! Calling is more effective than emailing, and social media rarely has an impact. The call doesn't even need to last a minute. You will speak with a staffer, who will tally your opinion and bring that to the legislator. Remember to be kind to the staffer, no matter the position of their boss.
Advice from a Congressional staffer |  Sample Call Scripts 


There are many public commissions and boards that serve a vital function in our communities. Whether at the state, county, city, or neighborhood level there is a board for you.
Washington State | King County | Pierce County | Snohomish County | Kitsap County
Bellevue | LynnwoodSeattle | Tacoma


"It matters that you engage and that you raise your hand and participate because we will all be better off if you do so." - Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund President & CEO Aisha Moodie-Mills. We know that represenation matters and that women and minorities are less likely to feel qualified to run for office. There are many local and national organizations out there to help you become ready to run.
Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund | EMILY's List | Latino Victory Fund |  Higher HeightsNational Women's Political Caucus of Washington | She Should Run | New Americans Leadership Project


Devote your energy to your favorite cause. Follow, fund, and volunteer with causes and organizations that match your passion. GSBA can help connect you with the right organization if you are looking for suggestions. Search the Guide for community resources and community organizations.


While you are advocating, be sure to listen to those around you - both those allied with you and those on another side. Understand the different ideas and perspectives tied to your issue - it will make you a better advocate. Investigate your sources and don't take every social media post at face value.

Additional articles, tips, and suggestions:
Women's March on Washington: 10 Actions in 100 DaysVentures | Eric Liu: How to Turn Protest Into Powerful Change |  KUOW: Marching Into Action | Seattle Weekly: So You Want to Protest

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