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IT Functional Analyst - Warehouse Management

Sep 20, 2017
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Brooks Running
Seattle, WA
Who We Are:
Brooks is a team of passionate people united by a desire to do meaningful work, lead healthy lives and make a difference. We share a focused mission: to inspire everyone to run and be active. That’s it. No distractions—it’s all about the run. Through science, creativity, service, authenticity and connection, we obsess over delivering the best running gear on the planet. We do it our way, with our unique spirit, with a goal of being more relevant to runners than any other brand, day after day and mile after mile. We are determined to innovate, challenging ourselves to lead thought at every turn. Inside these walls and on the roads, tracks and trails, we live and breathe Run Happy, celebrating the positive impact running has on our lives and others. We inject it into all we do because it makes everything better, smarter, more fun and more memorable. Our company culture defines us, bonds us together and creates the conditions for success. It is lived daily as a behavioral expression of our collective set of brand values: Serve People, Lead Thought, Play As a Team, Compete Every Day, Demonstrate Integrity, Have Fun and Be Active. If you’re on our team, it means you’re part of creating something extraordinary. You’re part of Brooks.
Your Job:
 Brooks is undertaking a major project to move and improve their warehouse and distribution operations. This will be achieved in part by implementing a new warehouse management system, parcel management system (WMS) and automation technology in the warehouse. As the Brooks IT Functional Analyst – WMS, you will be responsible for WMS and any related applications integrations.
You will be an integral partner in the implementation project, designing and implementing key WMS business processes, underlying configurations and integrations from the WMS to other enterprise applications such as ERP, EDI, Warehouse Control Systems (controlling the Material Handling Equipment), etc. As an IT Functional Analyst, you will be part of a team that supports enterprise applications globally with your primary focus on the warehouse applications and technology and the business process supported therein.
Your role requires you to collaborate with the WMS Software Vendor, IT, warehouse operations, logistics and customer service teams at Brooks; ensuring consistent availability of business functionality and effective communications between systems. Where applicable, you will work with our cloud-hosting providers to ensure reliable delivery of application services. This role adopts and promotes IT best practices to ensure ITTL-based change control over their production environments. Paramount responsibility is ensuring that customer facing transactions are processed efficiently, accurately and effectively.



    • WMS Subject Matter Expert for the project implementation team and for upgrades and major enhancements (support projects). Participate in business process improvement and re-engineering efforts as they are implemented in the WMS. Ensure that the business processes standardize and simplify operations and adhere to a global delivery model, where possible.
    • Develop and maintain documentation including business process flows as shared between different applications, WMS process workflows, integration mappings, system context diagrams, system and data interfaces, and controls for each application.
    • Serve as first-line support and monitor active support tickets and expedite resolution working with the vendor.
    • Perform root-cause-analysis on production application and integration failures and drive necessary remediation of defects. Coordinate resolution on serious incidents and extraordinary requirements
    • Ensure housekeeping routines and data quality standards are followed.
    • Work with the vendor and other IT teams to promote further automation and process streamlining.
    • Jointly own with the vendor, the delivery of enhancements, break-fixes, patches, updates and upgrades.
    • Maintain a roadmap for all significant updates to the warehouse applications.
    • Lead regular meeting with appropriate levels on the IT team and vendor to fix issues and planning around WMS. Ensure that the agreed upon service delivery SLAs are met.
    • Jointly deliver with the Business, a cost benefit analysis for all significant spending on WMS. Provide inputs to contract renewals and negotiation.
    • Work closely with the vendor and internal team to meet functional reporting needs in the most cost-effective way and controlling access to reporting tools.
    • Be a positive and active force for change programs around WMS. This is a new system and you will have a direct impact on user adoption.
    • Be an ITIL best practices champion. Use ServiceNow (IT Helpdesk) to report and track incidents.
    • Support system upgrades, fixes and enhancements and ensure that ITIL-based change control processes are followed for approvals, planning, testing, documentation and implementation.
    • Participate in development of disaster recovery plans and annual testing for each assigned application based on business criticality. Provide input to ensure disaster recovery documentation is current and complete with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

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