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GSBA Logo & Linking: Add the GSBA logo to your website or print/digital advertising!

The following GSBA logo images are in EPS format. These vector based logos can be sized without distorting the image. They can also be used as a source to export to other formats and backgrounds.
GSBA logo images are in high resolution JPG format on a white background that are designed for web pages.
If you have any questions regarding which type of image to use with your project please refer to your graphic artist and/or printer.

GSBA Linking Instructions

  • When linking to our website, you should link to You must indicate clearly that the links are to the GSBA website. GSBA reserves the right to change any of its URLs or discontinue its operations at any time with or without notice.
  • Please use the GSBA logos provided above to link to our website. Use of any other logos or icons is prohibited.
  • Any linking to our website which may injure our reputation or is otherwise harmful in any way is strictly prohibited.
  • GSBA reserves the right to change any information on its website and to suspend or discontinue the operations of its website at any time with or without notice.

For more information or to advertise, contact:
(206) 363-9188

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