Why You Should Start Holiday Marketing Now

Put down the leftover hot dogs, sparklers, and souvenir American flags. Yes, summer has barely started—but if you’re a small business owner whose profitability depends on the holiday shopping season, it’s time to start planning your marketing strategy now.

Here are three reasons you should start thinking about holiday marketing:

1. Everyone else is doing it. Many retailers launch holiday marketing campaigns in October, and you'll need to create your strategic marketing plan well in advance of October to be ready in time.

2. Americans shop all the time. Remember when your aunt who started shopping for Christmas on December 26 was considered a kook? Now she’s just average. Forbes recently reported as many as 40 percent of Americans start their holiday shopping well before Halloween.

3. You might miss the boat. Even if your customers aren’t early bird shoppers, deadlines for advertising - especially print campaigns, direct mail or getting listed in holiday gift guides - will sneak up sooner than you think. Do you want to miss out on a great opportunity to advertise in the December issue of a magazine?

Now that you know why you should be thinking about holiday marketing in July, read these seven marketing tips to get ahead of your competition.

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