New Member Profile: Bearified

by Craig Yeary
| Dec 21, 2017

bearified craig featured member 2017 december 600x337"I hit a milestone recently—I have been in Seattle for three years now and I've really come to love and appreciate the community here. I’m originally from Levelland, a small town in the panhandle of Texas. I moved here for work in November 2014 and since then I’ve discovered that my calling is to create and provide love for the bearded community. Until my move to the Pacific Northwest, I'd tried almost every type of facial hair visage except for a magnificent beard, thus, I cultivated a luxurious beard of my own to fully embrace my “hipster” status.

The idea of Bearified was born a few years ago, in all likelihood as I scratched my beard in contemplation. It was in this moment that I realized I needed a skincare product that cared as much for my face as it did for my facial hair. I tested a couple of different products, but was unsatisfied with the results, so I began a series of homespun experiments with oils, creams, and lotions—not to mention a bevy of heady essential oils. The first few experiments were certainly not up to par. The first attempt was melted coconut and raw lavender, and I can assure you that did not do the trick. I began trying more complex recipes and the results were still unpredictable and far from the beard ambrosia I'd imagined. However, as my triumphs began to overtake my tribulations, I eventually achieved the beard care holy trinity: a formula that nourished, managed, and conditioned all in one application! Adding the perfect scent was the next logical step, so I began to tap Seattle’s fierce bear community for feedback. As demand spiked and samples ran out, I headed back to my beard lab to cast a new batch of jars that featured these sensuous and uniquely Seattle-spun aromas.

It is with great pride that I acknowledge my friends, the many bearded gentlemen to whom I owe my deepest gratitude, who have been the driving force behind Bearified's continued evolution. Branding and packaging recently received a huge boost when a close friend helped with with logo development and since then I've been using my own marketing and advertising skills to cultivate a product line that exudes glamour, style, and functionality.

bearified tins I envision that Bearified will stand out from the crowd on its own merit, since it doesn't try to be anything other than itself—FABULOUS! Currently available products include balms, salves, and oils. Each day I continue to brainstorm new product offerings, as the mission of Bearified is to serve the bearded community with unique, natural, and fun products to elevate their follicle dreams. Today, Bearified is developing into a full-fledged system of top-to-tail skincare with no-bullshit packaging, evocative scents, and vigor enough to live out your wildest bearded fantasies. I am so excited to join GSBA because of the wonderful opportunities that the organization offers for new LGBT businesses owners like myself. The resources and potential exposure is more than I can ask for to help this young business soar to new heights." If your face grows hair, give it flair. Be bonafide. #BeBearified 

Visit to learn more about Craig's products!


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