Review of Hate Crime Prevention, Response, and Reporting in Seattle

by Jason Dittmer, Director of Marketing
| Jan 23, 2018

Reported hate crimes and incidents in Seattle have increased 230 percent since 2012, and the city is now focusing on a phased approach to improving accuracy in documenting and responding to future cases.

The city auditor’s office has created a report that analyzes the past five years of data regarding hate crimes and incidents in Seattle. Race was the biggest factor in the 1,126 incidents reported between January 2012 and November 2017 -- POC being the primary victims -- followed by 722 incidents involving LGBTQ community members.

The auditor’s office published its Phase One report reviewing hate crime prevention, response and reporting in September 2017. Its January Review of Hate Crime Prevention Response and Reporting in Seattle makes nine recommendations in the following categories: reporting, training, using data, city coordination, and regional coordination.

A future Phase Two audit will include analysis of cases, a socio-demographic analysis by the University of Washington and a review of prevention efforts. Seattle University will be studying the affect of hate crimes on indirect victims by convening student focus groups to determine the “ripple effect."

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