Scholarship Interviewer

Be a Scholarship Interviewer and take part in the powerful experience of investing in the next generation of leaders. As a GSBA Scholarship Interviewer, you will read applications and work with a team of other interviewers to select the final scholarship recipients. For more information, please contact Jessica Wootten.

“Each year, I hope the decision of whom to grant scholarships to would get easier but it doesn't. There are amazingly talented students and leaders from very diverse backgrounds with fascinating dreams to fulfill ahead of them. Sadly for every scholarship we are able to grant there are 3-4 who are just as worthy. It is an emotional process during the interview for both the scholarship committee and the candidates. This is an impactful program for our LGBTQ and Puget Sound community and especially for me. I feel inspired about our community's future given the talent of many of our recipients.”

-Carrie Carson, Donor & Board Member