Vote YES on Seattle Prop 1: Families, Education, Preschool, & Promise Levy

by Matt Landers, Public Policy Manager
| Oct 15, 2018

FEPP logoGSBA has endorsed Seattle Proposition 1: the Families, Education, Preschool, and Promise levy and encourages members to vote YES.

Ballot summary: This proposition would replace two expiring levies and initially fund expanded early learning and preschool, college and K-12 education support, K-12 student health, and job readiness opportunities, as provided in Ordinance 125604. Consistent with RCW 84.55, it would increase regular property taxes for seven years. The 2019 tax increase, up to $0.365/$1,000 of assessed value, would be used to compute limitations for subsequent levies, with 1% annual increases. Qualifying seniors and others would be exempt under RCW 84.36.381.

GSBA previously supported the expiring Families & Education levy and the Seattle Preschool levy, and GSBA has supported the proposed Seattle Promise program. This levy replaces and enhances two expiring levies - the Seattle Preschool Levy, which funds high quality preschool for low-income families, and the Families and Education Levy, which provides K-12 support. It also launches the Seattle Promise scholarship program to make community college free for Seattle public high school graduates. 

We know that high-quality preschool helps children throughout their lives, especially children from lower-income families. With approval, this levy will allow two-and-a-half thousand of our most vulnerable kids to attend preschool each year. 

This levy also funds proven efforts beyond preschool in kindergarten through high school, including drop-out prevention, counseling, social and health services, and critical academic support. In Seattle, over one-third of our low-income students and students of color do not graduate high school. We can and must do better. 

Finally, most good jobs now require education or training after high school. Yet, too few of our kids complete a college degree or technical certification. This levy offers our public high school graduates two free years of community college to help get them ready for the best jobs. 

Since this levy replaces and enhances two expiring levies, the additional cost to the median homeowner is only about $9 a month. Please VOTE YES for Families, Education, Preschool and Promise! It’s the best investment in our kids that we can make.
Other endorsements:
Downtown Seattle Association, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Seattle Restaurant Alliance, MLK Labor Council, Moms Rising, El Centro de la Raza, Treehouse, YouthCare

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