GSBA Condemns Attempted Coup at US Capitol

by Jay Petterson, GSBA Board Chair & Mark Rosén, GSBA Acting President & CEO
| Jan 11, 2021

Issued on January 7, 2021

Yesterday’s insurrection was nothing short of an attempted coup. All of us at GSBA share the pain, sadness, and anxiety that is being felt across our community this morning at the state of our nation. The actions in both Washington, D.C. and Olympia yesterday were direct attacks on our democracy, the rule of law, against the free press, and often fueled by racist and anti-Semitic hatred. It is also impossible to ignore the difference in how these rioters were treated compared to those protesting for Black lives this summer. These actions have been spurred by years of blatant lies from the President and his followers.

We are thankful that our federal delegation and their staffs appear to be unharmed, but we carry with us the deep hurt in witnessing what they experienced yesterday in the center of our democracy. Yesterday’s events should never have been possible, and we must ensure that it never happens again. We must work together to hold the perpetrators accountable. While we cannot come together in our community hubs or with our friends as we normally would, let us continue to support each other while we remain physically apart. Please take care of yourselves and reach out to and check in on those around you.

Jay Petterson, GSBA Board Chair
Mark Rosén, GSBA Acting President & CEO