[GSBA Scholarship Fund] Symetra Pledges $250,000 to Aid LGBTQ Students

by Zoe Branch | Jan 24, 2020
As published in 425Business (https://425business.com/symetra-pledges-250000-to-aid-lgbtq-students/), 1/16/2020 - Written By Zoe Branch

Symetra Pledges $250,000 to Aid LGBTQ Students

Late in 2019, Bellevue-based Symetra pledged $250,000 to the GSBA Scholarship Fund, one of the oldest LGBTQ scholarship programs in the country. The national provider of employee benefits, annuities, and life insurance also will launch its own program through the grant — “Symetra Empowers Scholarships” — to provide workforce scholarships to diverse LGBTQ+ students who have overcome adversity.

“Our GSBA relationship is grounded in a mutual commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion and our deep respect for the opportunities the GSBA Scholarship Fund provides,” said Trinity Parker, Symetra senior vice president of marketing, communications, and public affairs. “Symetra believes in the power of education and its ability to inspire and empower students to pursue their dreams and make a transformative difference in our communities. We’re proud to help support those dreams through the ‘Symetra Empowers Scholarships’ program, which underlines our long-term commitment to supporting at-risk youth and the LGBTQ community in the Puget Sound region.”

Over five years, Symetra’s grant will fund three annual workforce scholarships — totaling 15 impacted students by 2025 — as well as support leadership training, development, and outreach work. It is the largest multi-year corporate gift in GSBA Scholarship Fund’s history.

“Education is the great equalizer and Symetra not only understands this but is committed to opening up access to those who often face huge barriers to achieve success,” said Louise Chernin, president and CEO of the GSBA. “We’re grateful to Symetra for taking a bold step and investing in opportunity for students who often get left behind.”