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Spokane: Manager of Equity & Inclusion Initiatives

May 21, 2020
City of Spokane
Salary: $55,916.64 - $76,713.12 Annually
Location: City of Spokane, WA
Job Type: Exempt Confidential
Department: Council
Job Number: 2020-00108
Closing: 5/31/2020 11:00 PM Pacific


The City of Spokane is committed to supporting strategies and initiatives that create a healthy community where all people can feel safe, empowered and welcome within our city boundaries and the larger region. The City Council, Mayor of Spokane, City staff, state and federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, public and private partners, and our residents must work together to advance public welfare by ensuring that equity and inclusion are top priorities in the work we do. The Manager of Equity and Inclusion Initiatives ("Manager") plays a key role in this commitment through managing research teams and stakeholder groups and conducting independent research, policy analysis, report-writing and public engagement on issues impacting less-represented communities and find ways to incorporate more people in the policy-making process. 

The Manager develops equity and inclusion policies for consideration by the City Council to adopt as the official policies of the City of Spokane, and provides advice and briefings to City Council members and associated staff on new policies and the potential equity-related impacts of proposed and current policies. The Manager will place a special emphasis on criminal justice reform. They do this by managing stakeholder groups and research teams, and evaluating, researching and consulting with stakeholders on various policies and practices, and will provide recommendations for City Council consideration.

The Manager must be an excellent problem solver, capable of analysing the pros and cons of a particular policy option, understanding the implications a proposed policy has on the City's budget, and managing large stakeholder groups. They must also know about, or be able to quickly learn, the policy cycle (how new policies are passed) and the mechanics of local government.

The Manager supervises research teams and other analysts to provide quantitative and qualitative evidence that supports policy recommendations. This includes conducting research and analysis on public policy and funding issues, evaluating proposed policy initiatives, and staying current on the latest research available. The Manager will collaborate with the City Council Members and their Legislative Assistants, the Director of Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs, the Manager of Intergovernmental Affairs, department heads, City employees, County criminal justice partners, government officials, neighborhood councils, city residents, and other internal and external stakeholders.

This "at-will" position performs with considerable independence and is appointed and may be discharged by the City Council, with day-to-day supervision provided by the Director of Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs and the City Council President.


In this role you will have the opportunity to:

  • Plan, coordinate, facilitate and manage stakeholder working groups and research teams to support related City Council priorities, including delegating tasks when needed
  • Evaluate the impact of new or proposed legislation on City resources and policy goals
  • Gather, assemble, analyze and evaluate facts to draw logical conclusions, make recommendations and prepare clear, concise, and comprehensive written reports which require displaying and presenting statistical, graphical, and other reporting methods to audiences of varying technical sophistication
  • Review policy language for accuracy and understanding by constituents
  • Manage administrative aspects of projects (e.g., timelines and resources)
  • Write, compile and edit proposals and project reports
  • Prepare and deliver oral presentations summarizing key elements of analysis and recommendations
  • Work closely with regional partners to overhaul and improve the regional criminal justice system to create better outcomes and reduce institutional and systemic bias within that system.

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