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Economic Development Data & Performance Evaluation Advisor

Nov 24, 2021
seattle city
City of Seattle Office of Economic Development
Position Description

The Office of Economic Development (OED) envisions Seattle as a vibrant, innovative, diverse city with an inclusive economy where Seattleites can thrive and share in the new opportunities of the future. Seattle’s Equitable Recovery plan aims to build a thriving City as a whole, by investing in and implementing intentional strategies that meet the varying needs of our neighborhoods and communities.
OED works at all levels of our local economy to:  

  • support small and micro-businesses, 
  • partner with neighborhood business districts, 
  • support creative business sectors and workers, 
  • partner with key industries that drive innovation, job growth and global competitiveness, and 
  • invest in our local workforce with an emphasis on young people, low-income, as well as un-and under-employed adults.
OED is recruiting for a Data & Performance Evaluation Strategic Advisor to serve as the City’s primary authority on business, labor market and economic development related data. In this role, you will use economic development research and theory to inform strategic and data driven policy. You will work in support of Seattle’s Rescue Plan for the equitable recovery from the COVID 19 pandemic. This is an opportunity to have a real and lasting impact on Seattle, especially in the support, stabilization, and growth of BIPOC businesses and neighborhoods. 


Job Responsibilities

Here’s more about what you’ll be doing:

  • Serving as a key data advisor and providing data-driven policy recommendations based on economic research and analysis of labor market data, industry performance, economic indicators, race and gender equity indicators, and demographics to department and city leadership to help shape policies and programs and their long-term impacts. 
  • Leading the Department in the Results Based Accountability framework to drive policy and program priorities. 
  • Leading the publication of economic data and information through web-based tools that gathered data from multiple sources to influence policy and business decisions.
  • Overseeing OED’s compliance with the City’s Open Data Ordinance. 
  • Providing analysis and strategic advisement using economic modeling software and data from the federal, state, and City governments to research business and labor market trends. 
  • Utilizing data platforms such as Tableau and ArcGiS to analyze and visualize data in compelling ways to inform and drive OED’s policies and priorities in workforce and economic development. 
Your effectiveness in this role will depend on your ability to: 

  • Center your work with a focus on racial equity and social justice. 
  • Apply advanced knowledge of business, labor market and economic development analysis techniques, economic theory and methodology, statistical theory and methods, and econometrics acquired through hands-on application in a real-world setting or advanced education.
  • Apply strong analysis and reasoning skills to understand, evaluate, and assess data from multiple sources and varying perspectives to effectively communicate findings and shape data driven policy recommendations to stakeholders. 
  • Prepare presentations that are clear and easy to understand using strong communication and storytelling skills. Key consumers of this work are elected officials and City executives, many of whom have a limited understanding of economics. It is important to not only describe our findings, but also the process by which we arrived at them, in a clear and accessible way. An ability to explain relationships and interactions, such as how the national economy affects the local economy and how both of those affect City economic development, is essential.
  • Adapt easily to changing priorities to meet deadlines in a fast-paced, team-oriented and political environment. 
  • Communicate with clarity and tact, create trusted partnerships, and demonstrate strong interpersonal skills. 
  • Recognize that systemic racism through the investments and policies by government and the private sector have caused generational harm and resulted in disinvestments in Black, Indigenous, and communities of color (BIPOC). 
  • Work effectively with colleagues and partners from the full range of differences reflected in our community, including but not limited to: ableness/disability, age, economic/social class, English proficiency, ethnicity, family status, gender identity and expression, national origin/citizenship status, race, religion/spiritual expression, and sexual orientation.
You will be prepared for this role if you have the following knowledge and skills: 
  • Proficiency in Results-Based Accountability methodology to facilitate data-driven decision-making to solve problems. 
  • Expertise with reporting tools such as Power BI, Tableau, ArcGIS or similar software. 
  • Data visualization analytics, reporting, and data management. 
  • Comfort interacting with elected officials and the public and with collaborating with cross functional teams. 
  • Working independently and being able to tap resources outside of City government. This will require an ability to work independently and sometimes seek resources outside of City government for support and expertise.
  • Working carefully and with attention to detail. Working with care and checking one's work is critical, as is the ability to evaluate results from a variety of perspectives.



We are seeking candidates that have a professional career that reflects a commitment to public service and creating fair and equitable outcomes. A successful applicant will have promoted racial equity and social justice in their work and in integrated anti-racist principles into their practice. A successful applicant will demonstrate that they have the experience, skills, knowledge, and abilities listed above through a combination of their professional experience, education, and life experience as demonstrated in their resume, cover letter, and answers to the supplemental questions.

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