GSBA Business Consulting

GSBA's membership team is ready and willing to help with any business questions you have. We have several specific programs available to our members, but are happy to field any questions about your business. Just call our office at (206) 363-9188 or write to

Technical & Regulatory Training / Seattle Labor Standards Education & Outreach

If you own or operate a business with one or more employee within the city of Seattle, there are special regulations just for you! Seattle's labor laws are complex, but compliance is important and GSBA is here to help. In partnership with the Ethnic Chambers of Commerce Coalition, GSBA offers comprehensive one-on-one training on Seattle's labor standards ordinances, including wage theft, minimum wage, paid sick and safe time, secure scheduling, fair chance employment, domestic workers ordinance, and commuter benefits ordinance. In addition to personal trainings, we provide a reference packet as well as sample policies and templates.

LGBTQ+ Inclusion Training

Every business and organization runs a little differently with unique specialties, strengths, and weaknesses. With that in mind, we tailor our trainings individually to help organizations thrive as LGBTQ+ inclusive brands and environments. Whether it's ensuring your workplace policies are inclusive of all genders and relationships, increasing LGBTQ+ community awareness in the workplace, or learning to better connect with the LGBTQ+ community, we are here to help you create an inclusive company culture.

General Business Consulting

For all other questions about running your business, GSBA can help. Areas where we have assisted members include financial planning assistance (access to credit, loan preparation, cash flow analysis), social media marketing, and how to start a new business in Washington State. Write to to set up a time to chat about your specific business needs.

Transgender & Non-Binary Affirming Employer Toolkit

GSBA is proud to have partnered with the Transgender Economic Empowerment Coalition (TEEC), a group of local nonprofit organizations who teamed together to increase economic opportunity and access for the trans community in King County, to create the Transgender & Non-Binary Affirming Employer Toolkit. This document provides employers and business leaders with training, policies, recommendations, and tips to create a workplace environment that is empowering and supportive of the needs of trans employees and clients. 

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