GSBA connects member business BrandQuery to scholarship and ultimately, course at Yale

by Al Smith
| Sep 06, 2018

At GSBA, we proudly act as a connector between LGBTQ- and allied-owned businesses and opportunity.

When we heard about the Small & Diverse Business Education Fund Scholarship sponsored by Bank of America and administered by the Communities Foundation of Texas, we knew that many of our small business owners qualified for such opportunity and shared it with GSBA members.

Applications are now open for the Small & Diverse Business Education Fund Scholarship and are accepted until October 26, 2018.

“I am a regular reader of GSBA’s newsletters, both digital and print,” said Jacque Beamer, President and Brand Strategist of BrandQuery.

“One day last fall while reading a digital version I was fortunate to come across a scholarship program from BofA administered by Communities Foundation of Texas. It noted scholarships were available for small and diverse business owners for Business Education in the amount of $10,000!”

Several weeks later, we received fantastic news: President and Brand Strategist Beamer was awarded the Small & Diverse Business Education Scholarship to attend Yale University’s Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders!

The Communities Foundation of Texas enabled Beamer to attend a program that would have been out of her reach. “Without the scholarship I would not have afforded the program,” said Beamer.


The program covered subjects related to business including consumer choice, organizing for innovation, leading organizational change, negotiation, law, and more. Yale professors—some of the brightest minds teaching and researching today—lead the classes.

In addition to classroom instruction, Beamer said connecting with other business leaders was a valuable part of the program. “I was able to make connections around the country of which I will value for a lifetime,” she said.

Held on the Yale campus in New Haven, Connecticut, the program was an opportunity for Beamer to pursue her on-going goals in continuing education. “Consumers and B2B are constantly evolving. It’s important that no matter what stage my career or business is in and how successful, there are always opportunities to learn,” she said.

Yale Program participants were from the U.S., Europe, and South America, representing some of the most notable companies including Bloomberg, the NY Times, IDEO, Jet Blue, Johnson & Johnson, Thought Form, and Capital One.


“This experience was both educational and validating,” said Beamer. “I’ve gained many insights to help BrandQuery clients and BrandQuery itself. In addition, the program validated much of what we are doing well for our clients. I’m looking forward to applying the new insights over the next year and further.”

Congratulations to GSBA member and LGBTBE Certified Business owner Jacque Beamer and BrandQuery!

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