Queen Anne Coffee Co.: Brand-new, gay-owned café opens in Queen Anne

by Brianne Ryan
| Sep 18, 2018

This week, we’re welcoming a new GSBA member business, Queen Anne Coffee Co.. Join us in welcoming them to GSBA!


This café—Queen Anne Coffee Co.—is our proudest work of art! We exercise creativity and artistry in virtually everything we do here. We crafted these recipes ourselves, with years of consideration towards taste, nutrition, sustainability, and aesthetic presentation.

We've curated a collection of local masterpieces, from the custom merchandise on our shelves, to our equipment, to our custom roasted coffee blends, to the fresh ingredients we use to make our food. 


We hope you’ll stop by and try our menu, and check out our calendar for upcoming musical performances, lectures, and visual art shows!

I am profoundly grateful for my good fortune to be opening this business in 2018 Seattle, when much of the heavy lifting towards equality has been done for me. 


I hope that my GSBA membership will help me find more opportunities to personally contribute to advancing equality, particularly for those groups who remain highly vulnerable.

Further, I hope to network with other LGBTQ and allied businesses in the area, and have it be known that Queen Anne Coffee Co. is proudly gay-owned!


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