Montucky Cold Snacks: Where Unicorns, Rainbows, Tasty Brews, and Philanthropy Meet

by Halee Staskivige
| Sep 26, 2018

This week, we're featuring a new GSBA member, Montucky Cold Snacks! Join us in extending a warm GSBA welcome.

MCS_150x80In 2011 Montucky Cold Snacks founders, Jeremy Gregory and Chad Zeitner set out to create a company with a light refreshing beer that centered the company’s core values around giving back and celebrating a lifestyle that encompasses being in the moment and having fun.  Jeremy and Chad were successful.  The beer was created, the brand was established, and the giving back began. 

The blue can featuring a white pony galloping across a sunset caught some eyes and people began mentioning how the pony resembles a unicorn and the sunset resembles a rainbow. People asked that we evolve the design into a unicorn and rainbow for Pride month and that the 8% of profits we contribute to non-profits go to LGBTQ organizations from the sale of these cans. Thus, the Pride Can was born.


Since the development of the Pride can, MCS has been working to to raise funds for LGBTQ organizations during Pride month in the markets in which we are sold.  Our goal is to raise continuous annual funds for LGBTQ+ orgs following Pride month.

Montucky Cold Snacks wants to inspire others to enjoy life to the fullest and give back to our communities, all while providing the most refreshing Cold Snacks on the planet. Do good. Be good.

To us, ‘equality is good business’ means preserving rights, and standing by the fact that every person is equal.  Carrying these ethical practices is not only what we believe and implement, but also how we will continue to progress within our communities.

Aside from the opportunity to be involved with great organizations, Seattle has been wonderful to the MCS brand, and has done a lot to help share our message.  More importantly, we are a growing company that has the resources to help the surrounding community and we are driven to do so.

If there is anything we can do for your organization, or if we can give back, please reach out by going to our website and contacting us.  Or by sending us a message on Instagram or Facebook!

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