Meet 127travel - Luxury and Exotic Travel at Affordable Prices!

by Eric Moss
| Oct 20, 2018

Seattle summer is over, and before long the colder, darker, Seattle winter will set in. At some point our daylight will grow so short and as Pacific Northwesterners, we will begin to crave sunlight. We buy mood lamps for our desks, increase out vitamin intake, and find creative ways to warm up and get some light. At some point we all have that thought “I just need a break and a trip to the sun.”

There is no better way to break the gloom of a Seattle winter than to seek the sun, and travel to luxurious and exotic places. 127travel is a luxury travel service specializing in VIP personal and business travel with a focus on exotic destinations and luxury hotel properties worldwide. They provide true luxury experiences at truly affordable prices. Their deep expertise allows them to offer clients bonuses and benefits that elevate each travel experience. 127travel has been open for 10 years and one of the reasons they are so good at matching you with exciting exotic travel, is because they’ve done it themselves! “I am someone with a passion for travel, design, hospitality. I travel the globe always learning and discovering, so that I can share my knowledge and experiences with my clients,” says 127travel founder Keith Wein.

127travel Logo

After working for many top fortune 500 companies, Keith decided to start his own business. Soon after relocating from NYC, he wanted to connect and become part of the community here in Seattle. “I felt that GSBA would be a perfect fit for all aspects,” he remembers. His firm supports the GSBA belief that Equality is Good Business in his own firm’s work, adding, “it means making everyone’s dreams come true without judgement”.

IMG_2378 - Keith Wein127travel is a boutique firm that builds long-term relationships with their clients, which enables them to personalize and create tailored experiences for each traveler. “At 127 you’re not just an account you are a valued relationship.” You can connect with Keith online at, read his latest blogs, and you can follow 127travel on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Don’t wait until the weather changes and you think you need a getaway to your own tailored paradise. Reach out now and find out how Keith and 127travel can help you plan and travel, in luxury, at an affordable price.

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