The GSBA Scholarship Fund

The GSBA Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to LGBTQ and allied students who exhibit leadership potential, demonstrate strong academic abilities, and are actively involved in school and community organizations. Founded in 1991, the GSBA Scholarship Fund has awarded over 700 scholarships totaling over $4 million.


To invest in the education of a diverse group of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and allied students who have the capacity and vision to be the next generation of leaders working to create a better world for all.


Diverse leaders who have the vision, compassion and capability to solve global issues and secure human rights for all.

The GSBA Guarantee

The Guarantee is our commitment to the ongoing funding of our undergraduate scholars. Every scholar who has met certain criteria is eligible for up to four years of undergraduate scholarship funding. This commitment to our scholars’ success and eventual graduation helps support our future leaders in a way that few programs are able to do. We ask our donors to consider also making ongoing commitments to help sustain the continuing support that is so vital to the success of our mission.

GSBA Blog Scholarship Fund Posts

EQUALUX: Take a Tour of the Wine District!

by Jason Dittmer, Director of Marketing & Communications
| Sep 01, 2017

Our Wine District features some of the finest Washington State wineries including:

Adrice Wines
Patience and passion, fruits sourced from Washington and California, paired with wine-making duo Pam and Julie … the perfect blend at the heart of Adrice Wines... more

Aluel Cellars

After years of helping others in the wine industry, as well as tasting (and spitting) lots of wine, Alex and Samuel decided that it was time to turn their expertise and passion into something more.  As a result, Aluel Cellars was born with a passion to bring amazing Washington wines to their own neighborhood of Capitol Hill... more

Barrage Cellars
Barrage receives fruit from some of the finest vineyards and regions of Washington combined with some of the finest barrels from France. The winemaker is not against blending grapes of different varietals but prefers to showcase the elegance and nuances of single varietals from Washington State... more

Bartholomew Winery
"Wine lifestyle has very deep meanings. Not only is it my profession, but it is also my social life, my education, a sense of place, and a way to connect with my community."... more

Browne Family Vineyards
Browne Family is a winery within a winery. Its state-of-the-art production facilities in Walla Walla assure hands-on tending every step of the way. From hand-sorting, two ton open-top fermenters to small lot basket press, they take a careful commitment for uncompromised quality, ensuring cellar-worthy vintages that stand the test of time... more

Caprio Cellars
"A love for wine has been in my family long before I was born. My ancestors viewed wine simply; as an essential part of daily life. Now, with Caprio Cellars, I hope to honor the century old tradition my family has had with quality wine."... more

Damsel Cellars
Mari Womack began her love affair with wine while working in Seattle restaurants. She caught the wine bug early when food and wine pairings captured her heart and her imagination... more

Elsom Cellars
"It is commonly held in the wine industry that wine makers are by nature, a little eccentric. And truly, who would argue with that? Wine making is tough stuff; it requires patience, intuition, diligence, trust and most of all passion. You don’t start a career, have children and then decide that what you’d really like to do with all of the spare time on your hands is to start a winery."... more

Fidelitas Wines
"Team Fidelitas is all in. We're a group of roll-up our sleeves, help each other out, do-it-all individuals. We pour wine, throw parties, pack boxes, track packages, schlepp cases from here to there and back, make hotel reservations, make dinner reservations, make tasting appointments, mop floors, polish glasses, go to events, host events, and much, much more. Above all else, we work hard to provide relentless customer service to every Fidelitas Fan out there." ... more

Gorman Winery
Chris Gorman descended into the wine business after graduating from university in 1991. Apparently too affected to climb out, he made the best of it. Cutting his teeth on world class Barolo and Barbaresco, he spent 3 years working for a small Italian importer and never looked back... more

Goose Ridge Vineyards & Estate
“Working with a small percentage of select rows from diverse blocks, our wines are blended to showcase the character and quality of the site.”... more

Gruet Winery specializes in Methode Champenoise sparkling wines. Family driven, the New Mexico-based winery produces Pinot Noir and Chardonnay-based sparkling wines and a small collection of still wines, with roots originating from Gilbert Gruet’s Champagne house in Bethon, France... more

Guardian Cellars
Guardian Cellars is focused on making stellar wines from Washington's finest vineyards and so much more. A boutique winery and tasting room, a husband-and wife-team, a cop and a reporter... more

Kerloo Cellars
"Kerloo was our calling to leave behind ordinary lives, our calling to explore life’s journey with family and friends, our calling to pursue our passion for winemaking in Washington State. With each passing year, our passion for winemaking continues to evolve, a continual pursuit to push winemaking and our lives to new levels." ... more

Laurelhurst Cellars
"From the start our vision was to create wines that would stand alone, showcasing their personality as a result of unique soil, climate and vineyard management. With a commitment to quality, we are producing wines from some of the most prized vineyards in Washington State." ... more

Mark Ryan Winery
Founded in 1999, Mark Ryan Winery has grown in size, earned acclaim from wine-lovers and critics alike, and garnered respect from the state's elite producers. The goal, however, remains the same. Make delicious wines that represent the vineyard from which they come, making every vintage better than the last… more

Nota Bene Cellars
In four decades of winemaking, Master vintner Tim Narby has perfected the practice of blending the under appreciated and sophisticated Washington grape varieties... more

Rotie Cellars
"The whole point of Rotie Cellars is to make traditional Rhone Blends with Washington State fruit. So what do traditional Rhone blends mean to me? To start with, they mean lower alcohol, less ripe, less oak, balanced, finesse driven, mouth coating wines." ... more

Structure Cellars
"Brian was actually a vodka guy when when we met. He had no idea what magic I was sharing with him on his birthday 2003, when I opened my coveted bottle of 1997 DeLille D2." ... more

Tranche Cellars
"We cultivate a diverse collection of some of the world’s most interesting grape varietals, with more being planted as we learn and explore. We practice only sustainable viticulture, hand-farming each block, in order to harvest very low yields of intensely-flavored fruit." ... more

Va Piano Vineyards
A fourth generation Walla Wallan, Justin Wylie became fascinated with the blossoming wine industry literally sprouting up in his backyard, inspired, he started making wine in his garage, learning from local winemakers, growers and afficianados. Before long, Justin found his palate and his hobby turned into a passion: with the encouragement from friends and family, Justin began his first commercial crush in the fall of 2003, and Va Piano was born... more

Learn more about EQUALUX: The TASTE of GSBA.


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