Receiving a GSBA scholarship was absolutely one of the most influential occurrences in my transition to college. Financially, receiving a GSBA scholarship has not only lessened the burden of paying for my undergraduate degree but has also allowed me to confidently plan on attending graduate school immediately after graduation and to take advantages of all opportunities to grow and discover, like study abroad. Its first impact, however, was to strengthen my feelings of value and worth and to bolster my confidence as an activist and leader. It has been such an incredible process being supported by some of the most inspiring individuals I've ever met and to be told I am worth the investment. I will forever be grateful for the staff and scholars in GSBA I've been privileged enough to meet and learn from, some of which have become dear friends.
- Anna Rink (she/her), 3rd Year Scholar

Before receiving the GSBA scholarship, the stress of wondering if I could afford the next quarter of school made it discouraging to continue my higher education. It was hard to focus on school when I was more preoccupied with paying rent and feeding myself and twin brother. We were living paycheck to paycheck, I constantly worried what would happen if either of us would get in a car accident or had an unexpected hospital bill. When I came out, I lost the financial support of my parent. Receiving the scholarship has allowed me to be back at school. I am now able to save part of my paycheck because I don't have worry about the cost of tuition. Becoming a microbiologist seems feasible now, and when I graduate I will contribute to scientific research that affects the LGBTQ community, and help create a path for other queer people of color to work in research.
- Manny Lopez (she/her), 2nd Year Scholar

Receiving a GSBA scholarship has had a major impact in my financial, professional, and academic stability during the last two years of my undergraduate study. It has enabled me to feel some security even as the political and financial state of this country can be anything but secure at times. GSBA has given me a network of other passionate individuals to connect with, and the opportunity to branch out into having important conversations I may have not had otherwise. I have always been introverted, but I've learned how to still have a voice where it matters, and speak accordingly. As an artist, more than anything else, having your own experiences to integrate into your own work is essential for creating something meaningful. With the help of GSBA, I've been able to develop my own story, with experiences shaped by the genuine humanity of others to create a truly remarkable narrative.
- Rowan Postyeni (he/him), 3rd Year Scholar

The scholarship has helped me immensely in so many ways - personally, academically and professionally. I am so proud to be able to pay forward all the helped I received and help other achieve all their goals as well. By joining the Ruby Slipper club, I help the GSBA promote one of the many ways we can help those in need and contribute to the common good of our community.
- Rigo Garcia (he/him), 2014-2016 Scholar

GSBA helped me achieve my dream of being the first person in my family to graduate from college. But more than that, GSBA gave me a community so that I did not have to do it alone.
- Nyka Tucker (she/her), 2013-2014 Scholar

As a woman in STEM and a gay woman, I would like to say that my GSBA scholarship actually provided me the confidence to be an out, active member of the STEM community promoting acceptance for all genders and orientations. As a PhD student in chemistry, I have helped form an LGBT+ in STEM organization for LGBT+ graduate students, faculty, and staff that I do not think I would have had the courage to form had I not seen the community support shown to me via the receipt of my GSBA scholarship.
- Lisa Eytel (she/her), 2011 GSBA Scholar