2005 Scholarship Recipients

  • Josh Ruddell
    Josh — above very difficult childhood circumstances to flourish in a new family. With the support of his lesbian guardians, he has become a champion athlete (3 year starter on #1 State baseball team) and successful student at Selah HS. A hard worker and full of determination, Josh wants to be a positive role model for youth. He will study Fire Science at Columbia Basin CC and then at WSU. 
  • Erin Krueger
    Erin Krueger — an A student at Ellensburg HS, has overcome family stress to pursue a college major in business and psychology. Strongly committed to civil rights for all, Erin is a founder and current president of Tolerance Awareness Alliance and creator of the "Safe Zone" program and anti-discrimination presentations for elementary school students.
  • Lisa Washington
    Lisa — a second year GSBA scholar at WWU, overcame the loss of her son to work toward her goal of becoming a high school English teacher. She says "By living my life as an out lesbian educator, I will demonstrate to my students that not only is it okay for them to be who and what they are, but it is imperative that they do so." Lisa is active in the LGBT Alliance, Black Student Union, Brown Pride, Amazing Women of Experience and NEA Student Program. 
  • Tenzin Tingkhye
    Tenzin has survived family estrangement to become am accomplished documentary filmmaker and sociology student at Evergreen. She is currently directing a film on race issues, and plans to produce a video on experiences of Asian-American queer women. Tenpin's activities include working as an RA, mentoring for Reel Grrls and helping design bias and hate crime policy and procedures for Evergreen. 
  • Felipe Perez
    Felipe wants to share his passion for art with children as a Spanish and Art teacher. He is pursuing teaching certification at Antioch. Felipe is an established fine artist, has worked for the past five years at the Spruce Street School, and is the father of a 10-year-old son. As an educator, he will model respect and appreciation for all people and the differences among us. 
  • Bryce Mckibben
    Bryce is an A student at Eastlake HS, where he courageously came out and restarted the gay-straight alliance. He will study political science at the UW, and plans to become a civil rights lawyer and/or LGBT political activist to "connect his education and career with his passion for activism, government and leadership." He has been a member of the Civil Air Patrol, is an active member of his church, and volunteers for the homeless. 
  • Kenneth Marshall
    Kenneth — completing a double major in Psychology (concentrating in neurosciences) and Spanish at Seattle U. He plans to continue his graduate studies abroad and conduct professional research re-examining modern day notions concerning humanity. Kenneth's activities include Camp Ten Trees, the LGBT Referral Line, Bumbershoot and Three Dollar Bill Cinema. 
  • Evan Malczyk
    Evan is an enthusiastic and outstanding WWU student in environmental sciences with an emphasis on ecological toxicology. His community involvement includes Hispano-American Student Tutoring for Achievement, YMCA Camp Orkila, Brown Pride and Students for Renewable Energy. Evan plans to work on environmental issues in developing nations. 
  • Elizabeth Lovato
    Elizabeth — a second year GSBA scholar, has overcome severe family challenges to become a model student at Evergreen. She is pursuing a liberal arts degree with an emphasis in literature. Her plans include earning a PhD, writing a memoir and becoming a professor of English Literature. Elizabeth's activities have included Key Club, Stonewall Youth of Lewis County, NA and Lambert House. 
  • Aidan Key
    Aidan endured a rocky childhood, an intolerant Christian college, gender transition, and a difficult child custody battle before beginning his academic work in Gender/Sex Studies at Antioch. He has been lead organizer for numerous conferences and discussions on female to male transitioning, including an upcoming national conference in Seattle. He plans to publish on sexuality/gender diversity and teach at the college level. He and his identical twin sister recently appeared on "Oprah" to discuss Aidan's transition. 
  • Randal Hunt
    Randal Hunt has won a serious struggle to meet basic needs, and is now preparing to become a lawyer. He will transfer from SCCC to the UW Jackson School of International Studies. Past president of Seattle Young People's Project, leader of the National Union of Jewish Lesbian and Gay Students, and political activist, Randy writes, "my purpose in life is...to help repair the world to the place it must become, a place of equality." 
  • Rocky Horan
    Rocky exemplifies achievement! This spring he will simultaneously graduate from Auburn's Riverside HS and complete his AA degree with honors at Highline CC. He will continue his studies in nursing this fall. Founder and president of his school's Gay Straight Alliance, youth leader at Faith Family church, and student organizer for the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network, Rocky also supports himself financially. 
  • Saad Hopkins
    Saad describes himself as a "living example of what it means to turn your life around. He overcame high school homophobia, racism, and serious drug addiction to become a mentor for at-risk youth and a model student in journalism and world languages at Seattle Central CC. His goal is to attend Columbia School of Journalism and continue strengthening his language skills. 
  • Robby Guthrie
    Robby has overcome serious personal challenges and family setbacks to become the Mason County Boys and Girls club Youth of the Year. He will pursue his interest in medicine at a community college and then at Evergreen or the UW. In keeping with his family's activist tradition, Robby says he is "taking on homophobia, one stereotype at a time." 
  • Brandon Granado
    Port Orchard
    Brandon — the AP & Washington Principal's Scholar awards for academic excellence at South Kitsap HS while volunteering at Tacoma Oasis and holding several jobs to support himself. He has learned that it is vital to face and endure hardships in order to be true to his identity. Brandon will pursue his interest in the medical field at the UW. (AC/DC) 
  • Sharlyne-Leilani Fisher
    Sharlyne-Leilani Fisher has overcome family and peer rejection to become an A student in elementary education at Tacoma Community College. Inspired by her 8th grade teacher and role model, she aspires to enter the teaching profession and study sign language. Sharlyne-Leilani is a tireless advocate for LGBT and ethnic equality. She helped implement a Safe Zone initiative at TCC, taking proactive measures against discrimination on campus. 
  • Colin Kennedy Donovan
    Colin — a second year GSBA scholar, is an exemplary student and devoted activist at Evergreen. S/he calls hirself a "young, anti-racist gender Queer activist, writer, poet and hell-raiser - who also has cerebral palsy." Colin plans to become a professor in Disability Studies, integrating emphases on Gender, Sexuality and Race to challenge various "norms" and hierarchies in hir various communities. 
  • Devon Cresse
    Devon — an outstanding student, athlete, and a founder of the Tolerance Awareness Alliance at Ellensburg High School. She will attend the UW to prepare for a career blending psychology, human sexuality and civil rights issues. Devon says, "I am honored to have a gay parent because I am graced with knowledge and experience that I might not otherwise have." 
  • Christina Brewer
    Christina has faced many life challenges, including severe health problems in her family. An honor student at Tacoma CC, she calls herself a "daily activist." Her long list of activities includes the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Chorus, and serving as Pride TCC president. She has been honored as Miss Teen Washington and National Poet of the Year. Christina will study psychology at Seattle U, and plans to work with at-risk youth.