2006 Scholarship Recipients

  • Brian Mendiola
    Brian will take one more step toward his dream of becoming a politician when he enters Whitman College to study Pre-Law/Political Science. Creator of the Gay-Straight Alliance at Eisenhower HS, Brian tirelessly works for equality. He writes, “I will add some Mexican spice to our rainbow stew and expand the horizons of our community.” 
  • Corey Nunn
    Corey — a “small town boy” and Cascade HS class salutatorian, will attend the Univ. of Northern Colorado. His interests include musical theater, math education and athletics. Founder and president of his school’s Gay-Straight Alliance, Corey is active helping make a safe environment for LGBTQ students. 
  • Jenny Kinder
    Jenny — Eisenhower HS ASB vice president, committed herself to stand up for justice after her older brother came out to her. She overcame serious resistance to co-found the Eisenhower HS Gay-Straight Alliance. Jennifer will study nursing at Seattle Univ., preparing for a career in public health. She wants to increase awareness of the health needs of LBGT youth. 
  • Adam Cogswell
    Adam — a dedicated, energetic student in vocal performance and political science at Whitworth Univ., also believes in community activism. He has been a leader for Planned Parenthood, Young Democrats, the Campaign to End AIDS, and is working to create a GBLT club at Whitworth. 
  • Jean Paul Willynck
    Jean Paul Willynck is transferring from Pacific Lutheran Univ. to pursue global studies at the UW. He is interested in exploring how best to promote equality internationally. He writes, “I come from an immigrant family, (from which) I take great pride and inspiration.” 
  • Neil Wiegand
    Neil — a single father, has maintained excellent grades in the physician assistant program at the UW. He wants to focus on serving the HIV/AIDS community and other undeserved populations. Neil served in the army for five years, and has volunteered for Bailey Boushay House, Multifaith Works, and Habitat for Humanity. 
  • Leann White
    Leann will study automotive technology at Clark College. Having overcome abuse, homelessness, and drug addiction, she works as a volunteer with homeless women and children. Leann’s dream is to open an all-women-operated auto mechanic shop. 
  • Gilberto Salas
    Gilberto — a second year GSBA scholar, is studying political science at the UW. He plans to obtain a law degree and pursue a career in International Relations. Gilberto volunteers with the People of Color Against AIDS Network, and is a member of the Latino Advisory Committee for the Board and President of South Seattle CC. 
  • Corina Rochex
    Corina is studying criminal sociology at Western Wash. Univ. in preparation for law school. She says, “Being raised in a lesbian household gave my life diversity, awareness and a strong interest in civil rights.” Corina has worked for the Human Rights Campaign, the ACLU and the GLBT Alliance at WWU. 
  • Anthony Ricardi
    Anthony — a second year GSBA scholar, is finishing his AA degree at Seattle Central CC, and will attend the UW this fall. He hopes to become a nurse practitioner. As a transgender man, Anthony says it is very important to be out as a nurse. He is excited to use healthcare as the venue through which he applies his passion for social and economic justice. 
  • Melissa Pickett
    Melissa is entering her senior year at the Evergreen State College. Her “interest and passion for medicine” has led to her goal of practicing family medicine as an osteopathic physician, providing a healing environment free of judgment. She has been active in LGBT and arts organizations for eight years. 
  • Marcy Papineau
    Marcy will study public relations and human services at Central Wash. Univ. She is active in the LGBTQ community, and has held leadership positions in GALA-GLBTSA at Central while still in high school. She was a founder of the Ellensburg HS Tolerance Awareness Alliance, a club addressing LGBT, racial and religious discrimination. 
  • Amanda Nguyen
    Amanda — a first generation Vietnamese American, is pursuing a degree in media studies and nonprofit work at the Evergreen State College. Amanda sees media production as a powerful means for creating social change. She is working on a short documentary about the cultural experience/identity of a bisexual Vietnamese-American woman. 
  • Aidan Key
    Aidan — a second-year GSBA scholar, has produced four national Female-to-Male (FTM) conferences and has appeared on Oprah and Larry King. The proud father of a sixteen year old, Aidan is studying social change/gender/sexuality at Antioch Univ., and plans to teach and write in the field of gender theory. 
  • Dereque Kelley
    Dereque overcame expulsion from a Christian high school (because of his sexual orientation) in addition to family and financial challenges, to complete his AA from Tacoma CC. He will study psychology at Central Wash. Univ., and hopes to become a mental health counselor, focusing on services to the GLBT community. 
  • Matt Johnson
    Matt is studying politics and business at Seattle Central CC. Matt has big dreams - he hopes not only to excel in school, but also to contribute to the fight against HIV/AIDS and strengthen the local LGBT community through business and political leadership. 
  • Damen Jackson
    Damen came from the inner city through two tours in the military to become a student at Antioch Univ. Having overcome poverty, he plans to become a therapist to “work with men from all walks of life to help them find inner peace, strength, and security.” 
  • Devon Haynes
    Devon — a strong student and advocate for social justice, is studying native plants, education, psychology, art, and the healing arts at the Evergreen State College. She wants to help build collaboration between young people and seniors. 
  • Jess Hall
    Jess overcame serious family challenges to become an openly gay writer for his conservative high school newspaper. He also is an active participant in his drama club, acting in roles varying from constable to jackass to friar. Jess will study journalism and theater arts at Central Wash. Univ. 
  • Michael Greer
    Michael is returning to school at Seattle Univ. to begin a new career in law after recovering from a devastating addiction. He volunteers as a peer educator and community development leader helping gay, bisexual, and transgender men abstain from the use of crystal meth. 
  • Brandon Granado
    Port Orchard
    Brandon — a second year GSBA scholar, is studying political science and psychology at the UW. He plans to become a lawyer and eventually an elected official to “bring to our community the rights that we deserve as American citizens.” 
  • Tanisha Gipson
    Gig Harbor
    Tanisha — a single mom and outstanding student, will be the first on either side of her family to graduate from college. She is studying elementary education at Western Wash. Univ. Kitsap to “provide a safe learning environment for all children, where their differences are not an issue.” 
  • Crystal Frasier
    Crystal — a writer, illustrator and activist, uses the art of storytelling to change perspectives. Crystal is studying at the Art Institute of Seattle. Her online comic role, “Venus Envy,” has grown into a vocation that includes public speaking and organizing about transgender and queer issues. 
  • Kyle Fowler
    Kyle is studying cellular and molecular biology at Western Wash. Univ. He is a “citizen, activist, and high achiever who strives to better the world, improve society, and deepen our humanity.” He has overcome numerous challenges, and speaks out for LGBT rights. He would like to do research on infectious diseases. 
  • Jake Clark
    Jake has overcome serious health challenges to pursue his studies and become president of the Triangle Alliance at Everett CC. Jake will study ASL at Seattle Central CC to prepare for teaching in a deaf school and interpreting for community events. 
  • Efren Chacon
    Efren — a third year GSBA scholar, has become a leader in Seattle’s LGBT, Latino and HIV/AIDS communities while attending Seattle Central CC, where he is studying psychology and English as a second language. Efren has been recognized for his work in educating the Latino community about HIV/AIDS. 
  • Tiffany Burger
    Tiffany has “high hopes and dreams.” An Upward Bound student at Tyee HS Academy of Citizenship and Empowerment, she will be the first in her family to go to college. She will study psychology and criminal justice at Portland State Univ. Tiffany is active in fast pitch and Tyee’s gay/lesbian club, was Homecoming Queen, and works part time. 
  • Christina Brewer
    Christina — a second year GSBA scholar, is an honors student in psychology and an articulate, motivated leader at Seattle Univ. Christina works at the Pierce County AIDS Foundation, is active in her church, and works for Starbucks. She plans to work with at-risk GLBTIQ youth 
  • Jeremy Bolton
    Jeremy has a passion for art, writing and photography. He attends Spokane Falls CC and plans to study design at Eastern Wash. Univ. Jeremy works with several organizations in the Spokane LGBTQA community.