2007 Scholarship Recipients

  • Amanda Rasmussen
    South Cle Elum
    Amanda will be graduating from Cle Elum Roslyn High School in June and plans to pursue a career as a teacher. Amanda believes that teaching is one of the most important jobs in the world for it offers the opportunity to open students’ minds and encourage them to think outside the box. Amanda plans to use her role as a teacher to promote diversity, human rights, and personal freedom for all students.
  • Kyle Fowler
    West Richland
    Kyle is a second year GSBA scholar who is studying Cellular and Molecular Biology at Western Washington University. Kyle has overcome the many challenges of growing up gay in eastern Washington, as well as current challenges of not fitting the typical gay male stereotype. He is dedicated to making this world a better place and is currently serving as the assistant coordinator of his campus’s LGBT Alliance.
  • Jeremy Bolton
    Jeremy is a second year GSBA scholarship recipient with a strong passion for art, writing, and photography. His goal is to earn his BA in Visual Communication Design, a new and innovative program at Eastern Washington University. A native of Spokane, Jeremy wants to remain in the Spokane area and eventually start his own graphic design business offering his services specifically to the GLBTQA community.
  • Antoinetta (Tre) Davis
    Three years ago Tre was without a job and homeless. Today, thanks to mentors who believed in her, Tre is currently working for AmeriCorps as a Youth Coordinator at Lake Stevens Family Center creating programs for youth and building partnerships to strengthen the community. Her educational goals are to earn an AA in Criminal Justice at Everett Community College and eventually become a Probation Officer or a lawyer.
  • Antony Xczar 2007
    As an Anglican aspirant to the priesthood in the Episcopal Church, Antony is very involved in the ministries that deal with the sheltering and feeding of the impoverished and homeless. His educational goals are to attend the Evergreen State College and study social science and health services and theology. His long range career goals are to use these skills as he travels throughout the world as an Episcopal priest.
  • Petra Wilson
    Petra is active in the community, volunteering at the LGBT Community Center and the Ingersoll Gender Center. She is also an avid music lover, playing the violin, guitar, piano, and drums. Petra is currently a student at Seattle Central Community College with the goal of transferring to the University of Washington and majoring in Business Administration and Information Systems.
  • Lisa Wardle
    Lisa dreams of becoming a journalist as a means of making a positive impact on the world. As a high school student at Seattle’s Nova Project, Lisa was an active member of the school’s Queer Group. She has also volunteered with a number of local organizations including Gilda’s Club; the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival; and Sanctuary Art Center, a safe space for homeless youth. Lisa plans to pursue a BA degree in Journalism.
  • Loc Trinh
    Loc Trinh has known since the tenth grade that he wants to become an industrial designer; a career that would allow him to engage his passion for art and design. Loc is also a gifted dancer, dancing lead roles in Everett Dance Theatre’s productions of the Nutcracker, Coppelia and Swan Lake. He is currently working toward his BFA in Industrial Design at the University of Washington.
  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler is ready to give back. As a product of the foster care system and a gay man, he identifies the unique perspective that he can bring to his goal of becoming a social worker targeting foster youth and the LGBT community. He hopes to enter the University of Washington’s School of Social Work program.
  • Anthony Ricardi
    Anthony is a third year GSBA scholar and is working towards his Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing at the UW. As a transgender man, Anthony comes out whenever he feels it can make a difference to help another queer person receive better care. His long range goals are to get a Masters degree in nursing and public health and become a Nurse Practitioner.
  • Iya Ayanna Ptah
    Iya Ayanna Ptah has overcome many obstacles in her life. As a child she was adopted several times, lived with alcoholic parents, and was the sole parent of two special needs children by the age of 21. Iya is now a full-time student at Antioch University majoring in Art and Literature. She hopes that her work in art and literature will be an inspiration for other same-gender loving people to create a world in their own image.
  • Melissa Pickett
    Melissa is a second year GSBA Scholarship recipient. She is a pre-med major and The Evergreen State College with the goal of becoming a physician who will focus her practice on the LGBT community. Melissa firmly believes that there is a major need for more active participation by LGBT individuals in the scientific world. She is currently involved in research which has the potential to identify the evolutionary origins of HIV.
  • Alexander Peterson
    Alexander is a person of many talents. He is a highly-skilled violinist, a gifted student, and a dedicated volunteer. Alexander just turned 18 and is anxious to use his new right to vote, as well as his on-going activism, to help ensure that the issue of civil rights continues to be defended. At college, Alexander hopes to refine his skills at communicating through his writing and his music.
  • Bryce McKibben
    Bryce knows exactly what he wants to do with his life; to dedicate himself to “public service that is representative and fully supportive of the queer community.” Bryce already has the distinction of writing and lobbying for a successful bill passed this session dealing with the costs of textbooks. Bryce is a two-year GSBA scholar and is entering his junior year as a Political Science major at the University of Washington.
  • Jenny Kinder
    Jenny was compelled to start a Gay Straight Alliance at her high school after her brother came out. Jenny is a two-year GSBA scholar who continues her involvement with the LGBT community and plans to serve as an advocate for improved health care for LGBT youth once she completes her B.A. degree in Nursing from Seattle University.
  • Chelsey Heindel
    Chelsey came out as a lesbian her sophomore year in high school. Since that time she has been a role model and support for other students in her school struggling with their sexuality. Chelsey uses her position as co-editor of her school paper to constantly challenge stereotypical thinking among students and faculty. Chelsey plans to attend UW and major in History or Secondary Education.
  • Zachary Harrington
    Zachary is an intellectual with interests in social activism and grassroots politics. Zachary was instru-mental in leading the Human Rights Awareness Club at his high school. He now attends St. John’s College, in the Great Books program. Ultimately, Zachary intends to pursue a doctorate degree, perhaps in the area of sexuality.
  • Jess Hall
    Jess is passionate about acting and journalism. He has many successes in both endeavors. Jess’s early years were marked by serious family challenges, but now that he is a Journalism and Theatre Arts Major at Central Washington University, he finally feels like he has found a home. Jess aspires to become a “journalist and/or columnist who inspires thought and debate.” Jess is a two-time GSBA scholarship recipient.
  • Stephanie Guerra
    Stephanie is proud of being the first person in her family to go to college. The prospect of leaving her friends, family and community in Spokane to pursue her education in Seattle was frightening, but in the end, her passion for art and her desire to create positive messages through a career in the advertising industry won out. Stephanie attends Cornish College of the Arts as a Visual Communications Design major.
  • Tatiana Gellein
    Tatiana has an amazing story; she has triumphed over very challenging family circumstances to become a natural leader. Her goal is to become a physician and to provide free health clinics to the children of Seattle’s Central District so that other children would have the healthcare she was often denied as a child. Tatiana is currently attending Brown University where she has embarked on an eight year continuum for pre-med students.
  • Edgar Flores
    Edgar is completing his fourth year at the University of Washington. He is pursuing dual degrees; one in Environmental Science & Resource Management and the other in American Ethnic Studies. Edgar is also very involved in community activism, especially within the Chicano/Latino and gay communities.
  • Kristin Ericson
    Kristin is in her final year at Western Washington University, majoring in Political Science with minors in Political Science and Anthropology. She is proud to hold the position of Coordinator of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Alliance at Western. Kristin aspires to work in the health education field, with a special interest in HIV/AIDS education and prevention.
  • Patrick English
    Patrick is a veteran of the US Army who has taken an active role in defeating the military’s discriminatory, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law. As a current board member of the national Military Equality Organization, Patrick helps to build bridges between the LGBT and veteran’s communities. He attends Western Washington University and is double majoring in Biochemistry and Political Science.
  • Efren Chacon
    Efren is a four-year GSBA Scholarship recipient. Efren has been a long-time leader in the LGBT, Latino, and HIV/AIDS communities and has been recognized for his outstanding work in educating the Latino community about HIV/AIDS. Efren’s educational goals are to complete his AA degree at Seattle Central Community College and then transfer to the University of Washington and earn a BA in Psychology.
  • Curt Bowen
    Walla Walla
    Curt has a passion for activism, literature and music. He is studying Philosophy and Classics at Whitman College. An excellent student, Curt feels that much of his education has taken place outside the classroom. His lifelong goal is to "work on a better understanding of human beings and social change."
  • Michael Balderas
    Port Hadlock
    As the only transgender person most of the students know, Michael has become Chimacum High School’s unofficial gay culture authority. He will be graduating from high school in June and plans on attending the UW where he wants to major in International Relations and Romance Languages and eventually become an ambassador.