2008 Scholarship Recipients

  • Riley LaMie
    Riley is a first generation college student. He is attending Central Washington University working towards a BA in Geography and Land Studies with a minor in Business Management. Riley has a deep passion for the outdoors and the environment and after graduation he wants to work for a company that specializes in renewable energy and environmental conservation and protection.
  • Angela Notti
    Angela grew up in Alaska and is currently getting her AAS degree in Automotive Technology at Spokane Community College. She wants to work as an automotive tech for 2-3 years and then start her own business. AngelaÕs vision for her business is to not only have a shop and fix cars, but to also offer evening classes in basic automotive care and help fight the idea that only men belong in a shop.
  • Annalise Scobey
    Annalise is currently a junior at the University of Washington working towards a major in International Relations. After obtaining her BA, she plans to go to law school and then put her skills to work making the world a better place in which to live. She sees herself working with an international organization or NGO promoting human rights. In the interim, Annalise would like to work as a legal advisor for the UN.
  • Joshua Ruybal
    Joshua attends Western Washington University where he is deciding between majoring in Sociology or Political Science/Pre-Law. Joshua wants to become WWUÕs next legislative liaison for the extended 2009 legislative session. He already has activist/lobbying experience having been asked to help create Students for Civic Engagement and lobby in Olympia for WWU on MLK Day.
  • Jessica Warmbo
    Port Orchard
    Jessica will be graduating from South Kitsap High School in June and wants to attend the University of Washington and earn a degree in Political Science/Pre Law. After college she plans to join the Peace Corps to do AIDS work wherever it is needed most. Her ultimate goal is to become a United States senator where she would sponsor bills that would be advantageous to the LBGTQ community. (photo unavailable)
  • Ashley Thomas
    Ashley attends Fairhaven College at Western Washington University where she is working on creating an interdisciplinary major that would combine her love of social activism, community education and political advocacy. Ashley thrives on community involvement. She has co-chaired the Chehalis AIDS Walk, she is a peer educator with Planned Parenthood and last year she testified in Olympia in support of the Healthy Youth Act.
  • Jackal Tanelorn
    Jackal is attending Pacific Lutheran University working towards a degree in Spanish with a minor in Norwegian and Religion. After obtaining his degree, Jackal wants to study abroad and then become an ESL teacher working with Spanish speaking students. Jackal is also a member of the National Coalition Building Institute which promotes an inclusive society through training and leadership.
  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler is a two-time GSBA Scholarship recipient working on his BA in Social Work at the UW/Tacoma with a focus on child and family welfare. This past summer Tyler held an internship with the Child Welfare League of America and the Casey Family Program which focused on LGBTQ issues and the child welfare system. Tyler is also involved with the Pierce County AIDS Foundation and the Oasis Youth Center of Tacoma.
  • Sergey Smirnov
    Sergey moved to this country from Russia in 1999. He currently attends Bellevue Community College and plans to transfer to the University of Washington to major in Community, Environment and Planning. At BCC, Sergey has served as the Student Government Vice-President of Student Affairs and Pluralism and recently elected BCC ÒStudent Living TreasureÓ. He also established a LGBTQA Resource Center, El Centro Latino, and a Student Safety Net Fund. SergeyÕs long-term goal is to pursue a career in Higher Education Administration.
  • Molly Riegel
    Molly is a Running Start student who will be graduating from Woodinville High School this June. After enrolled in Nutrition and Psychology courses at Cascadia Community College, she will transfer to Western Washington University this fall. She has a very strong interest in science and obtained her Certified Nursing Assistant license at the age of 16. It is MollyÕs dream to become a doctor specializing in the field of psycho-physiology.
  • Kyle Rapinan 2008
    Kyle is graduating from Shorecrest High School in June. He plans to major in Political Science in college and then get a law degree. He wants to work with nonprofits in the LGBTQ community Kyle has served as president of his GSA for three years, been involved with the Safe Schools Coalition, American Friends Service Committee, and has volunteered at Lambert House. He is also a national representative for the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, commonly known as GLSEN.
  • Josee Perez
    Josee is leaving a long-term career in early childhood education to pursue her dream of becoming a community organizer. Josee wants to attend The Evergreen State College and get her degree in Social Work. She then plans to establish transitional centers that will provide information, education, and proactive and preventative programs for immigrants and refugees. 
  • Hanna O'Donnell
    Hanna will graduate from Lake Washington High School this June. She plans to attend college and major in Special Education with a minor in American Sign Language. Her ultimate goal is to become a Special Education teacher. She believes that being an out lesbian in the field of education will give her the opportunity to more fully promote tolerance, diversity, and acceptance. (photo unavailable)
  • Talina Marshall
    Talina is working towards a degree in Human Physiology at the UW with the goal of being accepted into a School of Physical Therapy where she will work towards a doctorate degree. She is currently working full time as a massage therapist while pursuing her education. Eventually, she would like to teach as she loves being able to help clients and colleagues better understand how the human body works.
  • Richard Lynch
    Richard is currently enrolled at Green River Community College working towards degrees in General Studies, Business, and Air Traffic Control. He is working towards becoming an air traffic controller while he continues towards his ultimate goal of being a professional pilot. Richard co-founded the GSA at Green River and has been an involved member of the Imperial Sovereign Court of Seattle.
  • Jenny Kinder
    Jenny is a three-time GSBA Scholarship recipient. She is now in her second year in the College of Nursing at Seattle University. After graduation, Jenny plans to work in an inner-city emergency room. She also wants to use her knowledge and experience to advocate for improved health care for the LGBTQ youth population. Jenny is a volunteer for Lambert House and actively participates in SUÕs Triangle Club.
  • Jordon Inloes
    Jordon graduates from Columbia River High School in June and wants to pursue a degree in Biology. He has a strong interest in medical science and plans a career researching and creating life-saving pharmaceuticals, maybe even finding a cure for AIDS. Jordon has been a very active student. He is a 3-sport athlete, a Life Scout, and a volunteer for the Humane Society and a Science Olympian.
  • Frank Huguenin
    FrankÕs life has been one of extremes. He received an appointment to the United States Naval Academy and then realizing that military life was not for him, he resigned his appointment. Coming from a military family, that decision did not sit well. His familyÕs disappointment and disdain took its toll. To ease his pain, Frank turned to drugs and eventually found himself addicted and homeless. With state assistance, he entered rehab and turned his life around. He graduated from Seattle Central with a 3.94 GPA and was accepted in to the University of Washington Business School where he is currently working towards a BA in Finance.
  • Rebecca Horst
    Rebecca grew up in a family culture that believed that women should stay home and take care of their husband and family. Therefore, RebeccaÕs intelligence and interest in education were never cultivated. Fortunately, a good friend convinced Rebecca to pursue her educational dreams and today she is working towards degree in Theatre Arts and English and wants to teach drama at Peninsula College.
  • Emily Hogan
    Emily attends Washington State University and is majoring in French and Spanish. She has carved out an intensive educational path for herself which includes a second undergraduate degree in philosophy, politics, and economics and a graduate degree in Political Science. She then wants to join the Peace Corps, work for an embassy in the US or abroad and eventually become an ambassador. (photo unavailable)
  • Devon Haynes
    Devon is a two-time GSBA Scholarship recipient. She is a senior at The Evergreen State College with an emphasis in Somatic Psychology, Expressive Arts Therapy and writing. Devon wants to work as a therapist and facilitator in private practice, offering a sliding fee scale, while also volunteering her services to social justice organizations within the LGBTQ community.
  • Jess Hall
    Jess is a three-time GSBA Scholarship recipient who attends Central Washington University. He plans to graduate with a BA in Communications specializing in public relations. This past summer Jess had the opportunity to work for MacyÕs in Seattle and this experience proved to him how much he loves interacting with people and would enjoy a career in public relations.
  • Stephanie Guerra
    Stephanie is a two-time GSBA Scholarship recipient. She is currently a student at the University of Washington where she is double majoring in Design and Zoology. Stephanie will be the first in her family to graduate from college and she wants to use her degrees to teach design and visual semiotics as well as use her design work to promote social issues and create change.
  • Ian Feis
    Mount Vernon
    Ian has two passions, politics and the natural sciences, and he hopes to find a way to combine the two to promote social change. He plans to attend Lewis and Clark College and wants to one day start a nonprofit organization that would help LGBTQ youth through medicine and education. He would also like to revise the sex education programs in schools to get more LGBTQ topics brought into the classroom.
  • Rosalyn Endlich
    Rosalyn will be graduating from Nathan Hale High School in June and plans to attend Earlham College, a small liberal arts Quaker College with a strong emphasis on promoting social justice. Rosalyn wants to earn a degree in Global Peace Studies and International Affairs and eventually would like to work for a nonprofit, the United Nations, or the federal government. (photo unavailable)
  • Danielle Carver
    Danielle plans to attend Spokane Community College to get an AA in Social Work and then transfer to Eastern Washington University to complete her MSW. Danielle spent time in the foster care system where she experienced some horrible situations. After finishing her education Danielle wants to open a youth center to help other children in similar situations effectively deal with the issues of substance abuse, sexuality and homelessness. 
  • Micha Brodoff
    Micha will graduate from North Thurston High School in June and plans to attend a four year college to study Anthropology, Linguistics, and Musical Theatre. There was no real support for LGBTQ youth at his high school, so Micha started a GSA with the focus of providing support for queer students and trainings for teachers on how to deal with harassment and bullying in the classroom. (photo unavailable)
  • Brianna Bragg
    Brianna is working on an ATA degree in Early Childhood education at Edmonds Community College. It is her goal to open up an early childhood center where children and families from all backgrounds will feel accepted. Having overcome many challenges in her own life, Brianna wants to create the space she didnÕt have growing up Ð the space where individuals will be valued for who they are.
  • Curt Bowen
    Walla Walla
    Curt is a three-year GSBA Scholarship recipient who will be graduating from Whitman College next year with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Classics. A true Renaissance man, Curt loves people, the environment, literature, and music and hopes to find a career that will combine his passion for teaching, activism and creation. He plans to pursue a PhD and become a college professor. (photo unavailable)
  • Jeremy Bolton
    Jeremy is a three-year GSBA Scholarship recipient with a passion for art, writing, and photography. He will complete his AA degree this spring and then transfer to Eastern Washington University where he will earn his BA in Visual Communication Design. In addition to his school, Jeremy works part-time as a designer for Thinking Cap Communications & Design that serves LGBT clients in the Spokane area. (photo unavailable)
  • Keasha Beard
    Keasha is currently completing an AA in Business Administration and plans to transfer to a 4- year university to earn her BA in Business. As a self-proclaimed entrepreneur, Keasha wants to open a spoken word cafŽ, an affordable daycare center, a lesbian dance club, and a scholarship program. It is her goal to help the community by building clubs and organizations that benefit ethnic and sexual minorities.
  • George Bayuga
    George is completing his second year at Seattle University with a triple major in International Studies, History and Philosophy. This year he will participate in an intensive Chinese language program at Peking University in Beijing. His long term goal is to work with the federal government in foreign relations. George is the co-president of the Triangle Club and is a member of the LGBTQ Advisory Board at SU.
  • Chelsea Adams
    Chelsea is a Running Start student who will graduate in June from both Snohomish High School and Everett Community College, having earned an AA in General Studies. She plans to transfer to a 4-year college get her BA in Education and Photography. Chelsea has worked as photographer for a minor league baseball team and hopes to become a high school photography teacher.
  • Ozzie Angel
    Walla Walla
    Ozzie was raised in Guadalajara Mexico by his grandmother and immigrated to the US at the age of 12. He grew up in Los Angeles and currently attends Whitman College. Ozzie plans to go to law school and eventually work for the ChildrenÕs Defense Fund. Ozzie loves to dance (modern and ballet) and entertain and founded WhitmanÕs Hip Hop Club, where he teaches and choreographs students in the art of street dance. (photo unavailable)