2019 Scholarship Recipients

  • Adan Longoria Jr.
    Adan Longoria Jr., 2019

    4th Year GSBA Scholar | Wozumi Family Scholar
    Washington State University

    Adan Longoria Jr grew up in Quincy, WA and now resides in Clarkston, WA. Adan is proud to be the first in his family to graduate from college and recently completed an associate degree in nursing from Walla Walla Community College-Clarkston. Adan will attend Washington State University Spokane to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Adan’s long-term goal is to become a nurse practitioner, requiring a doctorate which he hopes to obtain at WSU.

  • Alejandro Graterol
    Alejandro Graterol, 2019

    4th Year GSBA Scholar | David Barzilai Scholar
    Arizona State University

    Alejandro Graterol, is originally from Issaquah, WA and is currently living in Tempe, AZ, studying Business Sustainability and Design at Arizona State University. He plans to work for a socially responsible business where he can gain the skills needed to eventually start a business merging his passion for health & wellness with his passion for sustainability. Ultimately he hopes to use his education to inspire a more environmentally friendly and health conscious world in which everyone works to help one another.

  • Alessandro Lou
    Alessandro Lou, 2019

    4th Year GSBA Scholar | Microsoft Scholar
    University of Washington

    Alessandro Lou is currently enrolled at the Information School at the University of Washington and is a computer science tutor at Seattle Central College. He is currently conducting undergraduate research and volunteers as a software developer at the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association – Evergreen Chapter. He also founded queer.Code(); an LGBTQ mentorship program, after he noticed a disconnect between the LGBTQ community and accessibility to learning computer programming.

  • Amanda Schendzielos
    Amanda Schendzielos, 2019

    2nd Year GSBA Scholar | GSBA Founders Scholar
    Pacific Lutheran University

    Amanda Schendzielos grew up in Tacoma, WA and is now living in Puyallup, attending Pacific Lutheran University, pursuing an undergraduate degree in English Education. Her goal is to obtain her master’s degree immediately after graduation and to subsequently create an English classroom wherein students of all identities and backgrounds can develop empathy and worldly understanding through dialogues on literature. She also hopes to write Young Adult novels with proper representation of LGBTQ+ youth.

  • Angel Aguilar-Corrales
    Angel Aquilar-Corrales, 2019

    1st Year GSBA Scholar
    University of Washington

    Angel Aguilar-Corrales grew up in Mount Vernon, WA, attended Skagit Valley College and then transferred to the University of Washington. He is pursuing an undergraduate degree in American Ethnic studies and a minor in Education. His long term goal is to become a guidance counselor for students of marginalized communities. He hopes to work closely with low income, immigrant and LGBTQ+ students to help create equitable spaces.

  • anna rink
    Anna Rink, 2019

    2nd Year GSBA Scholar
    University of Washington

    Anna Rink currently attends the University of Washington and is hoping to double major in English and Anthropology, and to then pursue a master's degree in Education. She understands the importance of a strong and inclusive support system, particularly while growing up, and strives to help build community in all she does.

  • Astro Pittman
    Astro Pittman, 2019

    1st Year GSBA Scholar | Olympic Hot Tub Scholarship
    Seattle Central College

    Astro Pittman was born in Italy, raised in Texas, and calls Austin his hometown. Astro has lived in Seattle for over a decade, and is in his sophomore year at Seattle Central College, pursuing his Baccalaureate in Applied Behavioral Science/Social Work. His focus is on the LGBTQ+ recovery community, specifically those struggling with active substance use disorders and addictions. A recovered addict himself, he seeks to be a beacon of hope while helping others recover.

  • Bea Taylor
    Bea Taylor, 2019

    3rd Year GSBA Scholar
    University of Washington

    Bea Taylor grew up in Poulsbo, WA and currently lives in Seattle, attending the University of Washington where they are pursuing undergraduate degrees in Honors Interdisciplinary Visual Art and Social Welfare. After accomplishing their MSW, they hope to work for the Department of Arts & Culture to develop welfare programs that encourage artistic literacy and promote self-love through creative expression.

  • Bee McVicker
    Bee McVicker, 2019

    1st Year GSBA Scholar
    Columbia Basin College

    Bee McVicker grew up in Vancouver, WA and is now living in Richland, WA attending Delta High School. They are planning to go to Columbia Basin College to get his AA and then transfer to WSU Pullman to become an entomologist. Their life goal is to contribute to LGBTQ diversity in the STEM fields and to help other LGBTQ people in his own personal life.

  • Cashayala Rodgers
    Cashayla Rodgers, 2019
    1st Year GSBA Scholar | Giblett Family Memorial Scholar
    Seattle Central College

    Cashayla Rodgers grew up in Seattle, and is now attending Seattle Central College, pursuing an Associates of Science transfer degree, to continue her education at an HBCU. Her goal is to confront and reform the education system which has historically been designed to oppress and marginalize LGBTQ students. Cashayla's long-term goal is to become a human rights lawyer who will defend the rights of marginalized communities while using her voice to empower others to enact change.

  • Rachel Harwood
    Elle Harwood, 2019

    1st Year GSBA Scholar
    University of Washington

    Elle Harwood was born and raised in Spokane, WA, and is anticipating her freshman year in college. She hopes to attend the University of Washington and pursue an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry. She is resolute in becoming a pediatric research oncologist. Elle hopes to expand LGBTQ representation in the scientific community and inspire queer youth to pursue their curiosities and passions despite the lack of revered queer people in the scientific domain.

  • Elmer Coria-Islas
    Elmer Coria-Islas, 2019

    3rd Year GSBA Scholar | Sounders FC GSBA Scholar
    Pacific Lutheran University

    Elmer Coria-Islas came of age in Mexico City and presently resides in Tacoma, Washington where he attends Pacific Lutheran University, pursuing undergraduate degrees in Business Administration and Hispanic Studies. He yearns to address LGBTQ issues of immigration, social justice, and discrimination by creating optimized support networks and spheres of influence. Elmer’s longstanding goal is to elevate the voice of LGBTQ immigrant and refugee communities in regional chambers of commerce via economic, legislative, and community-based initiatives.

  • Elyse Decker
    Elyse Decker, 2019
    1st Year GSBA Scholar
    Swarthmore College 

    Elyse Decker was born in Seattle, WA, where she lived until she was six years old. She then moved to Kansas for three years and eventually moved back to Seattle, where she lives currently. She hopes to go to Swarthmore College to pursue a degree in International Relations. After earning her degree, she aspires to help LGBTQ people around the world by becoming a college professor who teaches International Relations with a focus on Gender Studies to open her students’ minds and fight stereotypes.

  • Eren Dao
    Eren Dao, 2019

    4th Year GSBA Scholar
    Highline College

    Eren Dao is now in the registered nursing program at Highline College. He is excited to graduate in 2020 and hopes to work at one of the hospitals in King County. Since Eren was 18, he has been an untiring advocate for queer immigrants and sexual assault victims. As a catholic, Eren's wish is to bridge the gap between faith and people of diverse sexualities.

  • Evon Mahesh
    Evon Mahesh, 2019

    1st Year GSBA Scholar

    Evon Mahesh was born and raised in Sammamish, WA, and is planning on attending university to study education. An advocate of learner-centered schooling, he hopes to become an educator, working with underserved youth to receive the education they deserve. Evon's long-term goal is to work in education policy, focusing on making schools safe and equitable for LGBTQ youth.

  • Fatima Al-Rikabi
    Fatima Al-Rikabi, 2019
    2nd Year GSBA Scholar | Chester Podlodowski Scholar
    University of Washington

    Fatima Al-Rikabi was born in Everett WA, and lived in Iraq for her primary years. She is now living on campus at the University of Washington where she is pursuing degrees in History and Political Science. She hopes to one day earn a PhD and have a career as a politician so that she can be an out Gay Muslim politician who will inspire others like her.

  • Fialaui'a Lamositele
    Fialaui'a Lamositele, 2019
    2nd Year GSBA Scholar | Sandy Peterson Scholar
    Western Washington University

    Fialaui'a Esther Lamositele is from Bellingham, WA and Samoa. They are currently studying at Western Washington University’s Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies concentrating in Healing, Leadership, and Group Dynamics for Change and minoring in Education & Social Justice. They hope to be a director for spaces and places dedicated to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Fiafia's long-life goal is to work for a more peaceful, loving, and empathetic world for the next generations to follow.

  • Frederick Anex-Schnauss
    Frederick Anex-Schnauss, 2019
    2nd Year GSBA Scholar | Wells Fargo Scholar
    University of Washington

    Frederick Anex-Schnauss is from Seattle, Washington. They are currently living in Tacoma, Washington studying Business Administration focused on management and Corporate Responsibility at University of Washington Tacoma. Frederick uses their background in resource navigation and working with youth to bridge the needs of the nonprofit and corporate worlds. Fred aims to support LGBTQ workforce access through their work in Human Resources and by being an out advocate for justice in all spaces they occupy.

  • Inés Marti Devolx
    Inés Marti Devolx, 2019
    1st Year GSBA Scholar
    Gonzaga University 

    Inés Marti Devolx grew up in a suburb outside of The Hague in The Netherlands and was raised in Santiago, Chile, and Boulder, CO. She is now living in Spokane, WA, attending Gonzaga University and is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Biology on the Pre-Med track. She aims to utilize her unique perspective and background in the medical field, where she hopes to inspire youth to strive for their dreams, regardless of how they identify.

  • Jessyca Ramonette
    Jessyca Ramonette, 2019
    2nd Year GSBA Scholar
    Washington State University

    Jessyca LeAnne Ramonette Srery was born and raised in sunny Southern California, grew up a bit in Honolulu, Hawaii, and now lives in Richland, Washington in the Tri-Cities Research District. She is pursuing STEM disciplines like Biology, Psychology, and Neuroscience in an effort to create space for more queer, female scientists in the world. She also has passion for law, civil rights, activism, and social work and plans to become a professor and a senator later in life.
  • Kai Winchester
    Kai Winchester, 2019

    2nd Year GSBA Scholar | Rich Thoelke Memorial Scholar
    Western Governors University

    Kai Winchester grew up in the Puget Sound area and is currently working toward becoming a teacher. He hopes to provide a safe space within the classroom for students from all walks of life. Queer students, including students of color, are often denied compassionate, understanding role models with whom they can identify, and Kai's goal is to prove to them that living authentically is possible.

  • Katherine Cavanaugh
    Katherine Cavanaugh, 2019
    4th Year GSBA Scholar
    University of Washington

    Katherine Cavanaugh is from Puyallup, WA, and now attends the University of Washington in Seattle. She studies Political Science, History, and Labor Studies. After graduation, she will pursue her PhD in History, hoping to reshape how history is taught. She works towards a revolution in history education that tells the too-often forgotten stories of the working class, immigrants, people of color, women, and LGBTQ folks.

  • Keegan Samaniego
    Keegan Samaniego, 2019
    3rd Year GSBA Scholar
    Reed College

    Keegan Samaniego grew up in Marysville, WA and now lives in Portland where they attend Reed College, pursuing an undergraduate degree in Music. They hope to pursue a career in music education and have a goal of spreading the healing powers of music to marginalized people in their communities and beyond.

  • Kevin Alexander Estrada Alamo
    Kevin Alexander Estrada Alamo, 2019
    1st Year GSBA Scholar
    Western Washington University

    Kevin Alexander Estrada Alamo is a catalyst for change. They were born in Seattle as the youngest and only naturalized citizen in an immigrant family from Mexico. They will study bioengineering at Western Washington University. They will engage in stem cell research leading to the creation of organs necessary to improve a person’s quality of living, to support gender transition, and re-engineer blood cells to cure HIV.
  • Kristi Maldonado
    Kristi Maldonado, 2019

    3rd Year GSBA Scholar
    Washington State University

    Kristi Maldonado grew up in Austin, TX and is now living in Aberdeen, WA where they attend Washington State University, Global campus and are pursuing an undergraduate degree in Integrated Strategic Communications. They hope to continue to be an agent for change and a beacon for their LGBTQ community by using their platform and furthered education to spread acceptance and tolerance for the LGBTQ community. Kristi has made it their goal to become an advocate and voice for change.

  • Leo MacLeod
    Leo Macleod, 2019

    2nd Year GSBA Scholar | C. White Reade Scholar
    University of Washington

    Leo MacLeod has lived on Vashon Island all his life. He currently attends the University of Washington and is working on a dual major in Marine Biology and Oceanography. As a deeply committed student leader with a passion for social justice, activism and education are foundational aspects of his life. He plans to use his experience in these areas to support queer individuals within STEM and make science more accessible for everyone.

  • LIO O'Cain
    LIO O’Cain, 2019
    1st Year GSBA Scholar
    Cornell College

    LIO is a 17-year-old scholar born in Renton, Washington. She grew up and still lives in South Park, Washington. She plans to attend college in New York City at Cornell College – where she will study Child Development, Psychology, and Film in the Fall of 2019. Her goal is to depict psychological, racial, sexual differences in the film industry with mainstream films that are entertaining, realistic, attainable, inclusive and overall mind-blowing.

  • Luz or Lucas Estrada
    Luz Estrada, 2019

    1st Year GSBA Scholar
    Washington State University

    Luz Estrada was born in Mexico and moved to the United States at age two. She has lived in Wenatchee, WA for 18 years. She is currently attending Wenatchee Valley College, and will be transferring to Washington State University to pursue a degree in Sociology. She hopes to work with queer youth and to empower them to fight for change within institutions. Luz's career goal is to create a queer youth center.

  • Magdalena Pink Sanchez
    Magdalena Pink Sanchez, 2019

    1st Year GSBA Scholar | L. Robb Scholar

    Magdalena Pink Sanchez has lived on Bainbridge their entire life. They attend Bainbridge High School and plan to go on to a four-year university to pursue a BFA in Film. As the president of their school’s Sexuality and Gender Alliance, they have worked to create a more welcoming and educated environment within their school for LGBTQ youth. They hope to continue this pursuit as a filmmaker by giving a platform to those who's stories aren't always told.

  • Manny Lopez
    Manny Lopez, 2019

    1st Year GSBA Scholar
    Washington State University

    Manny Lopez was raised Conyers, GA, later moved to Washington, and currently lives in Edmonds. She recently finished a two year transfer degree at Cascadia College and intends to finish at the University of Washington with a degree in Microbiology. She hopes to be an advocate for the LGBTQ community and hopes to create a community of scientists who give back to their communities and help foster future scientists to study and contribute with their passion.

  • Mei'lani Eyre
    Mei'lani Eyre, 2019
    2nd Year GSBA Scholar | Microsoft Scholar
    Cascadia College

    Mei'lani Eyre is from Seattle and currently resides in Kirkland. She's a third-year student at Cascadia College where she's studying Mobile Application Development. In the future, Mei'lani hopes to become a software developer with a specialty in accessibility and CS Education, so that she can foster diversity and inclusion both the tech industry and for its consumers.

  • Mohamed-Moshe Elias
    Mohamed-Moshe Abddulraheem, 2019

    GSBA Graduate Scholar
    Sciences Po

    An Iraqi refugee, Mohamed-Moshe Elias is a University of WA graduate who studied Political Science and Jewish Studies. He aspires to bring change to religious and racial/ethnic minorities and marginalized groups in the U.S. and his birth-country through socio-political actions. Coming from a Muslim-Jewish household, Elias, an aspiring diplomat, strives to build bridges between Muslims/Arabs & Jews/Israelis through bringing communities together in unity & peace. Elias will be pursuing a Master's in International Relations/Diplomacy at Sciences Po in France.

  • Monique Herrera
    Monique Herrera, 2019

    1st Year GSBA Scholar
    Perry Technical Institute 

    Monique Herrera was born and raised in Yakima, WA. She is currently attending Perry Technical Institute in Yakima, WA studying Instrumentation and Industrial Automation. She hopes to inspire LGBTQ youth and minority women to study and major in more STEM programs. One of Monique's long term goals after graduation is to own an instrumentation and industrial automation contracting company which she would use to give back to LGBTQ and minority persons.

  • Mylexia King
    Mylexia King, 2019

    GSBA Graduate Scholar
    Lewis & Clark Law School

    Mylexia is a social activist living in Vancouver, WA. She plans to pursue a legal degree and combat the injustice she has witnessed and experienced throughout her life.

  • Nate Jo
    Nate Jo, 2019

    2nd Year GSBA Scholar
    Western Washington University

    Nate Jo was raised in Richland, WA, a small conservative town. Throughout their life they developed a passion for helping others, especially in advocating for queer youth. Nate studies leadership, queer theory, education, and graphic design at Western Washington University and their goal is to inspire the next generation of queer leaders though their work.

  • Nichole Vargas
    Nichole Vargas, 2019

    1st Year GSBA Scholar
    Western Washington University

    A proud daughter of Mexican immigrants, Nichole Vargas was born in El Centro, CA, grew up in Federal Way, WA, and is now living in Bellingham, WA attending Western Washington University. She is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Environmental Policy. The environment and politics are not her only passions as she is also passionate in advocating for and strengthening the queer community, especially the queer and trans POC community.

  • Nick Takahashi
    Nick Takahashi, 2019

    1st Year GSBA Scholar
    Perry Technical Institute 

    Nick Takahashi grew up in Kapolei, HI and currently lives in Yakima, WA. They are enrolled in the Instrumentation and Industrial Automation program at Perry Technical Institute. They are a drag performer and volunteer with the Yakima Pride Committee and the Imperial Sovereign Court of Spokane. One of their long-term life goals is to build on their current experience with LGBTQIA+ organizations to be a more effective advocate in their community.

  • Nolan Platz
    Nolan Platz, 2019

    2nd Year GSBA Scholar
    Santa Clara University

    Nolan Platz grew up in Kingston, Washington and is now attending Santa Clara University in California. Currently a sophomore pursuing a major in Environmental Science and minors in Chemistry and Environmental Studies, he is eager to help those who are marginalized such as the LGBTQ+ community. Nolan eventually hopes to obtain a master’s degree in Environmental Chemistry and tackle issues of environmental justice by focusing on the disproportionate effects that pollution and climate change have on marginalized communities.

  • Quinn Angelou-Lysaker
    Quinn Angelou-Lynsaker, 2019

    1st Year GSBA Scholar
    Boston University

    Quinn Angelou-Lysaker grew up in the Mount Baker and Beacon Hill areas of Seattle, WA and now lives in Boston, MA. She attends Boston University where she is pursuing a Political Science major with a Deaf Studies minor and is heavily involved in BU's black cultural organizations. She hopes to enter the NGO sphere working on either housing insecurity or prison reform.

  • Richard Parra
    Richard Parra, 2019
    3rd Year GSBA Scholar | Glenn Johnson and Michael Melancon Bright Horizons Scholar
    University of Washington

    Richard Parra grew up in Kennewick, WA and is now living in Seattle, attending the University of Washington. He is majoring in Bioengineering and double minoring in mathematics and diversity. Richard’s long-term goal is to earn a PhD in bioengineering and work as a University professor and research scientist. He hopes to create change by creating and leading programs that help underrepresented minority students and LGBTQ+ youth attend and thrive in college.

  • Ro Boyce
    Ro Boyce, 2019

    1st Year GSBA Scholar | Yetman Memorial Scholar
    Edmonds Community College

    Ro Boyce grew up in Miami, FL and now resides in Lynnwood, WA where she attends Edmonds Community College. She is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Nursing. Ro has made becoming a Nurse Practitioner her goal. She hopes to open a clinic dedicated to veterans and transgender patients. She has also dedicated to being a voice for the QTPOC (Queer and Trans People of Color) community.

  • Rowan Postyeni
    Rowan Postyeni, 2019
    2nd Year GSBA Scholar
    DigiPen Institute of Technology 

    Rowan Postyeni is pursuing a degree in Fine Arts at DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, Washington after having spent many years in Bend, Oregon. He aspires to become involved with character design in the video game industry and to be a voice in increasing positive representation for LGBTQ individuals in mainstream entertainment.

  • Ryan Wagstaff
    Ryan Wagstaff, 2019

    3rd Year GSBA Scholar
    University of Washington

    Ryan Wagstaff was adopted from Georgetown, Guyana and currently attends University of Washington Seattle where he is studying Public Health with a focus in Behavioral Health and Public Policy. Their career goal is to get a Master’s of Public Administration to develop policy for unauthorized citizens who are LGBTQ+. Their life goal is to promote the behavioral health of LGBTQ+ youth who have had adverse childhoods like himself by becoming a Public Health practitioner.

  • Sam Jordan
    Sam Jordan, 2019

    1st Year GSBA Scholar
    DigiPen Institute of Technology 

    Sam Jordan has grown up all throughout the United States, from Texas to Washington, and is now living in Redmond to where they attend DigiPen Institute of Technology in the hopes of earning a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design. They hope that with their work in video games, they can help to expose and educate the masses about the LGBT+ community and work towards a more accepting society.

  • Scout Osborne
    Scout Osborne, 2019

    4th Year GSBA Scholar
    Oregon State University

    Scout Osborne is currently double-majoring in Biochemistry and Spanish at Oregon State University. He attended high school in rural La Center WA, where he founded a much needed gay-straight alliance. He has since worked as a social justice educator for OSU’s Pride Center and the university’s first ever Pride Floor, an inclusive housing opportunity for LGBTQ first-year students. He aims to promote social justice and equity in academia when he pursues a graduate degree.

  • Shannon Gatta
    Shannon Gatta, 2019

    1st Year GSBA Scholar | Rachelle Mileur Scholar
    University of Washington

    Shannon Gatta moved from Little Elm, Texas to Seattle, Washington to finish her Bachelor's degree in Informatics and Mathematics at the University of Washington. She is currently a NASA Pathways Co-op at NASA Langley and serves in the Army National Guard as an Intelligence Analyst. She aspires to be a positive example for women of varying identities in STEM careers and works to give the LGBTQ community a voice in the government sphere.

  • Spencer D'Avis
    Spencer D'Avis, 2019

    3rd Year GSBA Scholar
    Seattle Central College

    Spencer D'Avis was born and raised in Renton, WA and is currently attending Seattle Central College where he is completing his associates degree with the intent of transferring and pursing a bachelor’s degree related to marketing. He hopes to bring awareness through marketing to local organizations in an effort to bring more knowledge of local resources for underserved groups. His goal is to ensure that our community is informed and aware of the resources available to those that need them most.

  • Tori Puoci
    Tori Puoci, 2019
    4th Year GSBA Scholar | Rosemarie & Theodore Ockels Scholar
    Oregon State University

    Tori Puoci grew up in Bothell, WA and now lives in Corvallis, OR where he attends Oregon State University. He is pursuing an Honors Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a certificate in Scientific, Technical, and Professional Communication. Tori plans to unite science and social justice through a career in science communication, where he will improve the accessibility of science by developing the scientific community’s understanding of how to best serve diverse audiences.

  • Zander McRae
    Zander McRae, 2019

    4th Year GSBA Scholar
    Edmonds Community College / Outward Bound

    Alexzander McRae has spent the majority of his life stumbling, growing and thriving in the Pacific Northwest, with Washington being his true home. Zander is an aspiring outdoor educator and adventure enthusiast. He plans to work with youth from underserved communities by modeling leadership, seizing adventure, and providing tools for building community between young people and the natural world through exploration, sport, study, and curiosity.

  • Zoe Jaspers
    Zoe Jaspers, 2019

    2nd Year GSBA Scholar | Richard C. Rolfs Scholarship
    Gonzaga University

    Zoe Jaspers grew up in East Wenatchee, WA, and now lives in Spokane, where they attend Gonzaga University, pursuing undergraduate degrees in History and Religious Studies, with minors in Leadership Studies, Gender Studies, and Philosophy. They hope to one day engage in work that makes LGBTQ+ history accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds, as well as work in religious communities to affirm and support LGBTQ+ people of faith.